Tuesday 28th February 2023 – JUST FOR A CHANGE …

… there wasn’t anything on the dictaphone from last night.

It wasn’t a particularly comfortable, restful night either from what I remembered. I was tossing and turning around trying to go to sleep for quite a while.

Nevertheless it was a struggle for me to leave the bed this morning, not because I was tired (although I was) but I had quite a dizzy spell and I had to sit down for five minutes to recover.

Once I’d organised myself I spent the morning revising the Welsh ready for my lesson. And to my surprise the lesson passed really well and I was quite pleased with how it went. I wish that they all would be like that.

After the lesson I had a shower and then had some fruit. I’d had one of my air-fried buns for breakfast, toasted with butter and I do have to say that they really are delicious. This batch was slightly lighter than the previous and the air fryer has baked them to perfection.

As I have said before … “and on many occasions too” – ed … I’m impressed with my air fryer and it has to be one of my better purchases. I’m tempted – if I can find a cake tin that will fit comfortably in it – to have a go at baking a cake. That should be an interesting experiment, make no mistake.

The rest of the day has been spent selecting the music for the next batch of radio programmes and they are all paired off now. All I need to do it to write the notes, although I’m not quite sure when I’m going to find the time to do that within the next few days.

The physiotherapist came round in the middle of all that. He was impressed when I told him that I’d clambered in and out of the bath earlier today as if there was nothing wrong with me at all, and that for the last two days I’ve been walking around the apartment without my crutches.

In fact, there has been such an improvement with my mobility that I was thinking about going away tomorrow with just one crutch, not the two, but the physiotherapist advised me against it.

However, picking myself up from the sofa, I had another dizzy spell and it was quite uncomfortable. I’m not sure what’s happening here but it’s something that concerns me.

Tea was a taco roll of course; but while I was eating it I was cooking a saucepan of potatoes, lentils and tinned veg. It’s thickened with oats and it’s now in a container ready for me to carry away with me tomorrow to eat in the evening.

So now I’m off to bed nice and early. I have an 06:00 start in the morning and it’s going to be a really long day. I need to be on form.

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