Sunday 24th January 2016 – YAWWNNNNNN

Yes, I had a very bad night last night. 02:00 and I was still awake despite being in bed for 21:00. I just couldn’t drop off to sleep.

And when I did manage to go to sleep, I was awake again at 03:45 for the usual trip down the corridor. And that’s all that I remember until the alarm went off at 07:45.

it is all that I remember too. I have no recollection whatever of what I did and where I went between 03:45 and 07:45. And as for the period between first going to sleep and 03:45 there is only a certain amount of gibberish on the dictaphone about hospitals and operations and flying body parts – nothing that is suitable for a family audience at meal times, and so you are spared all of that.

After breakfast, and my last-but-one injection, I sat down and wrote one of the three letters that I need to write. It took me right up and beyond lunchtime and it goes on for ages and ages, but it was the most important one by far and it is all done and finished. As for the other two, I’ll be doing one on Monday and one on Tuesday and there are very good reasons for doing them then.

This afternoon I’ve done nothing, which is hardly a surprise as I’m supposed to be taking it easy. yet another day when I’ve not set a foot outside the door. But at least I didn’t have to bother about the nurse coming round – that’s all done and finished now for the evenings. Just one more injection left and that’s for Monday morning when they take the blood sample.

And now, I’m off for an early night. I need to catch up with my beauty sleep. And yes, before you say anything, I really do need a lot.

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3 thoughts on “Sunday 24th January 2016 – YAWWNNNNNN

  1. Grahame Rogers

    Wish you well for your upcoming op Eric…..everything will be fine …regards Grahame

  2. Epichall Post author

    Thank you, Grahame. And you had better keep hoping because if it does go wrong, your name is quite high up on the list of people whom I’ll be coming back to haunt!

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