Tuesday 6th December 2011 – I HAD TO WAIT …

…. until this afternoon to get the internet connection back and working, but now I’m up and running with my super-duper new laptop.

And it’s taking some getting used to, I’ll tell you. Especially this “85% – 10 hours 25 minutes – left” on the battery indicator.

There are downsides to it, of course. It’s fairly slow – a lot slower than I was expecting. But then, battery life and light weight was what was quite important to me and I certainly have that.

It took an age to upload everything that I needed – programs and the like from off the internet and the external DVD drive (which, much to my surprise, I found quite easily amongst the rubble). But I bet that I’ve forgotten something quite important.

And when I can lay my hands on a 2.5″ external caddy, I’ll take the hard drive out of the old laptop and copy the data over. It’s all there, complete and uncorrupted (I hope).

All of that has taken me most of the day and there has been little time to do much else. As you know, I’m leaving here for the UK in a day or two and I need the laptop set up for then.

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