Wednesday 19th August 2009 – WELL, HERE WE ARE ….

rainwater harvesting guttering lean-to les guis virlet puy de dome france… one roof, all duly finished.

Well, not quite.

You can see that the guttering isn’t attached correctly, but that’s due to the lack of bits at Brico Depot the other day. When they get those in, I can fix the guttering correctly.

I haven’t fixed the facing tiles for the rear side of the roof either. The scaffolding didn’t quite reach that far and I didn’t fancy a full-stretch leaning over the side. I’ll hack down the brambles in due course and put a ladder up to do them.

I’ve dismantled the scaffolding and done some of the tidying up but it got to 17:30, the water in the solar shower bucket was at 39.4 degrees, and there was some alcohol-free beer in the fridge. So I called it a day. I reckoned I deserved it.

And right on cue, we had a thunderstorm – one of these summer storms that we have quite regularly. In 10 minutes or so, 2mm of rain fell. I couldn’t resist going outside to watch the water cascading down all the guttering and off down the hill.

By my reckoning, 2mm of rain over a footprint of 49 square metres is just about 98.0 litres (thanks, Krys). Now before I had my guttering, all of that would have fallen to the ground at the foundations and soaked into the walls. No wonder this place is flaming damp. But wait another year or two when I have my rainwater tanks installed.

But talking of cubic metres, I am reminded of the two Irishmen talking on a building site.
“What’s a cubic foot, Mick?”
“Dunno, Paddy. But claim for it anyway!”

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday 19th August 2009 – WELL, HERE WE ARE ….

  1. Krys

    Is that millimeters or centimetres Eric? Still it’s better off down the hill than under your walls! Good job you haven’t got a cellar or you’d have an indoor swimming pool by now 🙂

  2. Epic Hall

    LOL – it’s millimetres.

    I thought it looked a bit on the high side, but it’s past my bedtime and my brain stops functioning after 22:00.

  3. info

    If you want to dry that building out fairly quickly then I recommend a dehumidifier. Your surplus solar power should be able to handle that for a few hours a day. Dehumidifiers are essentially just fridges.

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