Friday 30th September 2011 – YOU ARE PROBABLY WONDERING …

… why I didn’t blog last night before I went to bed. The truth is that in fact I didn’t go to bed.

Dunno if it was with crashing out the day before, or all the coffee that I drank, but I was still up at 08:00 and wide awake. So much so that I made myself an early breakfast.

I did crash out on the sofa at about 10:00 but not for long as the phone rang just before midday and it’s been ringing for most of the day on and off ever since.

This afternoon after I was roused by the telephone I did some more transcribing of my holiday notes and then I went outside and dug up my onions.

Well, such as they are because the crop is something of a disappointment. In fact I have more rogue potatoes than I do onions, and that’s sad.

And so I’m off to bed now to catch up on my beauty sleep. It’s shopping tomorrow and I’ve let the stocks run down a little just recently.

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