Friday 25th October 2013 – I’VE FINALLY FOUND …

… the Acte de Base, or title deeds, to the apartment here. And a few people are going to be in for something of a surprise because, if you remember from a while back when I had a run-in with the Syndic of the building about one or two matters, I find that I am completely correct in my assumptions and it seems, to my legally-untutored eye, that the Syndic has been ripping off poor Marianne for years. I shall have to look further into this, itemise where I think that there are problems, and invite an explanation.

It might be, of course, that I have simply misunderstood things. On the other hand, there might be five fingers. But it does prove the value of tidying up. Maybe I should do it more often.

Apart from that, I’ve binned another pile of papers that I was keepig on Marianne’s behalf. All that remains is some stuff that relates to an incident in her life that dates from 1996 and which I shall have to look into in due course, and some insurance details which I am 99.9% sure are of no value whatever but nevertheless need to be followed up.

So, what else? Not much. I’ve been fairly busy but I’ve not really accomplished all that much. I need to get a move on.

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