Saturday 2nd January 2016 – IT’S DEFINITELY LIZ’S COOKING …

… that’s causing me to go on these astonishing nocturnal rambles!

Here we are, back in the bosom of Liz’s family (minus the younger ones of course) and off I go to bed, and there I go, off on my travels again.

Well, not quite. I had a really early night as you may remember and fell straight asleep, but I was awake half an hour later and couldn’t drop off again for hours. But once I’d gone again, I’d really gone and only a nocturnal stroll down the corridor at 05:00 broke up the reverie.

Firstly, there was a big queue of HGVs – fuel tankers and all sorts – trying to enter this country park-type of place which had a stone wall all round it and big gates through which everyone had to drive. I’d turned up as a passenger in a fuel tanker but with all of the chaos no-one was entering this park, so in the end I alighted and started to direct all of the traffic, making lorries do U turns and so on in order to sort them out into a proper queue all in one direction so that everyone would pass through these gates with the least amount of fuss.
From here I moved on back to Crewe and my old taxi business. It was in the winding-down phase. We weren’t particularly busy but there was a fair amount of work for two cars during pub-chucking-out time on Saturday night. However it was at that moment that someone called up for a taxi to go somewhere up the A74 way beyond Carlisle, somewhere that I estimated was a 6-hour round trip and which was to be a regular Saturday evening journey. This kind of work is not to be sneezed at and I didn’t want to turn it away. Ordinary for a trip like this I would have used an unregistered car and driver but looking around at the vehicles here in the queue for either dismantling or rebuilding, there didn’t seem to be one that would have been good enough for the journey, and I certainly didn’t want to take a licensed taxi and driver off the road in Crewe when we needed them at all of the pubs. This was going to be quite a problem and I needed to solve it quickly – could I manage to do all of the pub work with just one taxi all by myself while the other car and driver went off to Scotland?

So puzzling over this quandary, I ended up downstairs for my breakfast and my injection. And then after that, precisely nothing! “Take it easy and don’t do too much” everyone keeps on telling me, and who am I to disagree? If I moved off my comfortable little corner of the sofa, it was just for meals and visits down the corridor and that was that.

Much of the time was spent writing up my notes from Canada last autumn, or else watching the football on the TV.

The football today was disappointing. Last weekend was exciting with huge shoals of minnows having really good results against bigger sides. Not so this weekend, with the larger clubs reasserting themselves. Manure’s victory was particularly depressing, although seeing the bin-dippers trounced in East London was impressive. However Crewe were demolished yet again at home, Morton lost at home in the local derby against the soap-dodgers and add to that, Bangor being likewise demolished at home yesterday and it’s been a really bad weekend all round as far as I’m concerned.

I skulked off to bed yet again at an unseasonably-early time of 20:40. I just can’t last the pace these days. Heaven alone knows what it will be like when I have to start doing things for myself

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