Sunday 18th August 2013 – WE HAD ANOTHER …

… afternoon out today. Or, rather, a late afternoon out because Cécile and her mum crashed out for an hour or so this afternoon.

First stop was to the cemetery to pay our respects to Marianne. Cécile and her mum had bought a pot of flowers and so we planted the contents on her grave. I hope that she will notice them.

From there I took everyone on a guided tour of the top end of the city and we visited the Square Montgomery, the Joyeuse Entrée, the Berlaymont, the Sacré Coeur de Schaerbeek, the Schaerbeek maison communale and a thousand other places until we arrived at the Atomium.cécile demarest fabienne desmarest atomium brussels Here, everyone alighted from Cécile’s car and we went for a walk around. After all, you can’t go to brussels and not visit the Atomium, can you?

Back in the car we came home via the Chinese Pavilion and the Japanese Tower, on the edge of the Royal Palace Gardens. 19:30 when we arrived home – that’s some going.

But Cécile’s mum is certainly having her money’s worth, visiting the town like this.

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