Monday 8th August 2016 – THIS HAS GONE BEYOND A JOKE

So there I was, in bed at a reasonably early time and settled down for the night.

And I lay there mulling things over in my mind and not doing too much – then gradually the dawn chorus began, and it began to become light outside. When the 07:00 cacophony cracked off, I went upstairs and demolished about a pint of orange juice. I would have had breakfast too, but I wasn’t particularly hungry.

After that, I came back down here and went back to bed. I reckon that it was somewhere round about 09:00 when I finally went off to sleep – but it wasn’t for very long because I didn’t realise that there’s quite something of an impressive cacophony from the church bells at midday too – I hadn’t noticed that before.

It took me until about 15:30 before I felt up to very much, and then I went to the supermarket on the corner for a bit of bread and a tomato. That, together with some of my vegan cheese, gave me something to eat.

Liz was on line later and we had a bit of a chat – then I crashed out for an hour or so. I cant’t say that I’m surprised.

Tonight, I made a chick pea curry, with mixed veg and boulghour. I had half of that for tea with rice, and the other half will do for tea tomorrow.

But I’m thoroughly fed up with these sleeping issues. I wish that I could drop off at 23:00 and wake up at 07:30. I just don’t know what is the matter with me these days that I can’t seem to sleep.

But I have to have a good sleep tonight, because I have an appointment at 10:00 tomorrow. It’s not with a medical institution either but it’s quite important, so I can’t pass it up.

More about this tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Monday 8th August 2016 – THIS HAS GONE BEYOND A JOKE

  1. Widow Twakky's left sixth toe.

    Let me give you a puzzle then…

    A battery at 12.3V has a charge controller and a 5W solar panel connected.

    After 5 hours of sunlight, during which between one and all 3 lights were lit on the charge controller, there’s now 12.29V in the battery!

    Then there’s my 10W panels that will barely power 160ma CPU fans!

    Something fishy with all this solar stuff. Claims way in excess of what it can provably do.

  2. Epichall Post author

    It might help if you positioned your solar panels at the optimal position rather than mounting them vertically on the rear of your bus. In the vertical position they will receive the fullest sunlight at 06:00 or at 18:00 only, when the sun isn’t very powerful, and only when the sun is shing directly into them and that’s assuming that you aren’t parked in the shade and that you are parked perfectly facing either east or west.
    The way that you are doing it, you’re lucky to have anything at all

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