Thursday 24th October 2013 – THE MAN FROM THE TROC …

… came around this morning as promised and went through the furniture. He doesn’t want all of it and for what he does want, his terms are hardly generous, but then I’ve been trying to sell this stuff for a couple of months and only some of the stuff has gone, and I’ve really no idea what to do with the rest and it has to be gone by next weekend and so I have to cut my losses and move it on. I’m playing for much bigger stakes than a couple of hundred Euros.

I also had a phone call from the church of St Vincent de Paul. They could well be interested in what is left over, and they have a van slot free for 10:30 next Tuesday. Consequently, that will be the rest of the stuff gone, and what is left over after all of that will be out on the street on Wednesday evening, either for the dustbin men or for whoever it is that goes a-wandering past.

And apart from that, I’ve been tidying up again. I need to keep on top of all of this.

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