Friday 12th March 2010 – No wonder …

old ford transit les guis virlet puy de dome france… it was flaming cold (like 7 degrees) in here when I woke up this morning. Outside it had dropped to minus 9!!! That is just crazy.

So after breakfast in the cold I started to tidy up the wood that I’d cut down. And as you can see I’ve collected quite a pile. That wood is for three years hence and so it’ll stay on the pile for a while until I get round to cutting it up -which won’t be for a while because I’ve broken my loppers. That’s the third pair I’ve broken down here.

On the other side of the patch of land is a huge pile of brambles weeds and the like. And if Monday is a good day all of that will be burnt and I can get on with digging up tree stumps. I’ve washed the inside of the plastic greenhouse ready to move down here and I need to think about uprooting the raised beds.

And this evening I’ve been for a little drive to Clermont Ferrand.

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3 thoughts on “Friday 12th March 2010 – No wonder …

  1. SagePhotoWorld

    Crumbs… I can remember when D reg was the latest. That looks like it’s seen better days. If I remember correctly, D was 1987.

  2. Epic Hall

    1986-7 in fact. I bought it in 1998 for £500 and ran it for 3 years but what finished it off was the exploding tyre and the steel braiding that ripped the side out.

    We started to cut it up but ran out of disks for the Stihlsaw and Paul has never come back to finish it.

  3. SagePhotoWorld

    If it’s anything like the Ford Anglia dumped on marshland near my house in Wales, a few years and it’ll just dissolve into a pile of iron oxide. If you washed it over with brake fluid to remove the paint and left it alone, it’d be gone in a very few years.

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