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During the early years of my ownership of the farm my time down here flctuated from a couple of days to several weeks per year. And then I was seriously ill for a couple of years and didn't make it at all.

Having made some sort of recovery, in 2006 I returned and made a serious start on things but of course early retirement means lack of funds. The late summer of 2007 saw me deciding to change things around and move down here more-or-less permanently. And in 2009, when I finally fixed the roof on the property, I moved in for good.

Although there's still a shortage of funds, no longer having to pay the expenses of the upkeep of an apartment in Brussels means that there's more available to spend around here and so work has progressed on a more regular basis

Here's some links, one for each year. You can see what I've been up to.

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The story has come to a stop here for the moment. In November 2015 I was diagnosed with a form of cancer and as a result I ended up for 18 months in hospital. I'm currently in a sheltered accommodation while the situation develops. So don't expect anything to recommence any time soon.

Meanwhile You can follow my adventures on a day-to-day basis by reading my blog

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