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Saturday 28th March 2015 – I’VE BEEN CARRYING ON …

… the moving round of everything today, despite it being a Saturday.

I’m annoyed though that it’s taking me 10 times longer than I anticipated. I’m nowhere near anything like finished and that’s depressing. Mind you, I did find €2:12 in loose change mixed up in the pile of dust so I can’t say that it wasn’t rewarding. It works out at about €0.25 per hour and you can’t say fairer than that.

Anyway, the two wardrobes up here are emptied and dismantled, and all of the spare bedding has gone downstairs into the wardrobe in the bedroom along with the clothes that were hanging up.

I’ve swept up all of the dust where the wardrobes used to be and moved the desk into that space. That means that the alcove is almost empty and the water tanks can go in there whenever I’m ready to start the plumbing.

There’s tons more stuff to be moved out to the bedroom, and not only that, rearranging things has created piles more rubbish all of its own and all of this will need to be sorted out too.

This is going to take forever.

In between times I went to St Eloy for some shopping. Not to the Intermarche at Pionsat, you’ll notice. And there’s a reason for this. That is that I’ve been noticing a gradual increase in prices there. The fruit and veg are no longer affordable and the quality is going downhill rapidly. I don’t mind cutting down on quality if I’m cutting down on price, or paying more out for better quality, but this is starting not to work. I reckon that ocompared with the prices at the Pionsat Intermarche, I’ve saved about €4:00 on the weekly shopping bill.

At the footy tonight, Pionsat lost 2-0 to Montel Villosanges. No complaints about the result – the Chimps were easily the better side and Pionsat offered very little. The defence was quite rocky, with Matthieu in goal performing heroics to keep the score down, and the midfield and the attack were pretty ineffective. It’s all looking quite depressing.

I was on my travels again during the night. I was with the two guys with whom I played bass in a rock group in the 1970s. We were going somewhere in Bill Badger, the A60 van that I had in those days, and we had a pile of scaffolding to move so we were loading it up on the roof of the van. Ohh happy days!

Sunday 19th October 2014 – SUNDAY IS A DAY OF REST OF COURSE …

… and so I was in no hurry to leave my comfy, clean bed. In fact I was on my travels. I was in Stoke on Trent at the home of someone whom I knew, and he, Zero who was also there and I were discussing the stuff that I was taking with me to Canada. I had three or four bottles in my suitcase, each with liquid inside them and I passed them to my friend so that he could see how heavy they were – much heavier than they seemed. While some of the stuff was useful, I couldn’t understand why I was taking two bottled of water with me when I could obtain water over there.

So this morning I carried on with some more radio stuff after breakfast, and after lunch I went to Villosanges to watch Pionsat’s 1st XI play the Chimps.

Pionsat needed to win this game but with just 11 players out on the field, no recognised goalkeeper (here we go again) and no substitutes, it as an uphill struggle. Once Cedric was carried off with torn ligaments after half an hour, the team just folded up and were easily beaten by a team that they should have had dead and buried. It’s a sad reflection of the club that this sort of thing still happens. I’ve no idea what is going on out there right now.

Saturday 26th April 2014 – HE’S DONE IT AGAIN!

Two weeks ago, you may remember, Matthieu scored a stunning goal from a free kick miles out from goal – a shot that went through the wall and through the keeper into the net.

Last week, you may remember, he scored a goal directly from a lay-off from the kick-off – standing on the half-way line.

matthieu malnar free kick goal fcpsh fc pionsat st hilaire football club de foot montel villosanges puy de dome league division 4 saturday 26 april 2014 franceTonight, he took a free kick from about 45 yards out. It sailed right over the defensive wall, right over the flailing arms of a despairing keeper and right into the top corner of the net.

He took another free kick a short while later from even further out, and that didn’t clear the bar by much. And then we were treated to the astonishing spectacle of the Chimps (because it was Montel-Villosanges that Pionsat were playing this evening) lining up a defensive wall in Pionsat’s own half when Matthieu took a free kick from deep in his own territory.

Pionsat’s second goal (because they beat the Chimps 2-0 ha ha ha!) was even more bizarre. Didier broke through the defence into space in the Chimps penalty area and was pushed off the ball flat on his back.

The game came to a standstill with everyone awaiting the obvious penalty whistle, but it never came. Consequently Didier poked out his leg while still flat on his back and kicked the ball through the Chimps’ goalkeeper’s legs and into the net.

As for the rest of the game, I’m not going to say a thing at all. I shall simply remember the wise words of Ron Atkinson, who famously said “I make it a rule never to comment on referees and I’m not going to change my rule for that tûsser”.

And it’s also the first time that I’ve ever been threatened by a footballer that he would come into the stands and sort me out. Mind you, when I went to look for him after the final whistle to discuss his bad attitude, he had fled into the dressing room. Obviously the tremedous rainstorm that we had near the end had calmed him down.

But life is so sweet when you have properly stuffed the Chimps, especially when there was so much controversy.

Apart from that, I was round at Liz and Terry’s this afternoon, rehearsing our radio programmes. Normally we do that on Sunday but Liz isn’t available tomorrow. And we had a nice tea too.

I had planned to go to Montlucon today too but with having to do the radio today, I needed to check everything over, and so it was simple shopping at St Eloy, with no frills.

But there was a tragedy in LIDL. Some woman doing her shopping didn’t have enough money on her card to pay for her bill. She was obliged therefore to return one of her bottles of whisky. I was eagerly anticipating her returning some of the food instead but, apparently, wiser councils prevailed. But it does sum up St Eloy pretty much.


… is the Pionsat 1st XI’s habitual method of play. But just for a change this evening, they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. And if they had played for 90 minutes of every match with the same fire and spirit that they played the final 10 minutes of today’s match, they wouldn’t be anything like staring relegation in the face.

They won 4-3 with two goals coming in the final 10 minutes, and it’s just as well that they did, because being rlegated by losing to the Chimps of all people would have been more than any man could bear.

But the story of the three goals conceded sums up Pionsat’s season-

    Pionsat concede penalty fcpsh fc pionsat st hilaire football club de foot montel villosanges 12 avril 2014 puy de dome ligue division 1 france

  1. A moment’s inattention and hesitation lets in a Chimps attacker. A beautiful sliding tackle from a Pionsat defender wins the ball and the attacker goes down over the defender’s outstretched leg. How the referee could award a penalty for that is something that totally mystified me.
    But then, had the defence been awake and attentive, the defender would not have got that far.
  2. Unmarked attacker at the far post heads in a superb cross past Frederic who is once more standing in for Michael who has been standing in for Matthieu. It was indeed a superb cross, taking every totally by surprise, but there shouldn’t ever be anyone unmarked and onside in the penalty area.
    It’s true that a more experienced keeper would probably come out for the cross, because as long as he got a fingertip to the ball, he could have flattened the attacker without fear of conceding a penalty, but you can’t blame a stand-in keeper for that, and it would have been worse if he had hesitated and been caught in no-man’s

    frederic poumerol good save fcpsh fc pionsat st hilaire football club de foot montel villosanges 12 avril 2014 puy de dome ligue division 1 franceAnd in any case, Frederic kept his team well in the game with a spectacular full-length diving save from a free kick halfway through the second half. Any regular keeper would have been proud of that effort
  3. A loose ball in a crowded penalty area. Frederic runs out for it, shouting “leave it” to his defence. Instead, one of his defenders passes it back to him.
    With a defender touching it last, Frederic can’t pick it up and so has to kick. Surrounded by three Chimps, the result is inevitable

vianney brette scores 3rd goal fcpsh fc pionsat st hilaire football club de foot montel villosanges 12 avril 2014 puy de dome ligue division 1 franceSo from 2-1 up, they are now 3-2 down and with just minutes to go. Pionsat win a couple of corners and from one of them, Vianney rises highest and heads onto a post and bounces into the net for the equaliser, past the keeper’s outstretched fingertips.

But a point isn’t enough to keep their slim hopes alive -they need all three and there are just seconds left.

blond frederic scores 4th goal fcpsh fc pionsat st hilaire football club de foot montel villosanges 12 avril 2014 puy de dome ligue division 1 franceAnd then we have a most astonishing thing.

Pionsat win a free kick just inside the Chimps half, right out on the far touchline probably 50 yards from goal. Blond Frederic takes it and swings it high into the penalty area. The ball sails over everyone’s head right into the keeper’s hands … and right through the keeper’s hands into the net.

Stunned silence in the crowd and I’m not sure who was the most surprised – the keeper or blond Frederic. But a goal is a goal is a goal, and Pionsat finally manage to win after several weeks of lack of success.

If only they had done this a few weeks ago.

So this morning, another early start. And I was in Crewe during the night at my old taxi office in Wistaston Road (but a different one at the back of another car sales place). And I was to audition for another rock group and needed some equipment and so went to the music shop just down the road (that isn’t there of course) where I bumped into Zero and her father.

But after breakfast I cracked on with my website work and then at lunchtime went round to Cecile’s to see how things were and to pick up some mail seeing as how her redirection has finished – and taking advantage of her washing machine too.

Then into St Eloy to shop (where I bought some seeds that I needed) and to pay a huge pile of money to someone in a shop there. Yes, I’m going to be having a new toy – more of which anon.

After picking up my washing (and thinking that maybe I ought to mow Cecile’s lawn sometime soon) I came back here – and crashed out for 2 hours. And a deep sleep it was too for just a crash. I was back in Crewe again at a house that bore more than just a mere passing resemblance to the one in Davenport Avenue where I lived with my parents.

And so then the footy. I’ve had a busy day today.

But watch these pages over the course of the next few days.

Sunday 10th November 2013 – THERE’S ONE THING …

… about owning a bright yellow van, and that is that everyone knows who you are. So at about 12:15 when I was on my way to Villosanges, a red saloon car suddenly sat on my tail and started desperately flashing his lights.

It turned out to be Fabien from the football club. It seeemed that the heavy rain over the last few days has caused the river at Villosanges to burst its banks and seeing as how the footy ground is right at the side of the river, the ground is now under three feet of water. So that was that.

Mind you, listening to the weather this morning, I didn’t feel much like going out. In fact I didn’t feel much like getting out of bed either, but then again it’s Sunday and Day of Rest so there’s no problem with that.

I had a late breakfast and did some desultory cleaning up here – the typical Sunday stuff – and then I went off for the footy. The bakery in Pionsat is open on Sunday mornings and so I went in to pay my respects and restart the bread round that I cancelled when I went off to Brussels. No point in me going every day or every other day to buy my bread when I can have it delivered for less than the cost of the fuel to go and fetch it. And it was shortly after this that I was turned back.

Back here, I made some butties and did a little job of work. I’ve been buying loads of CDs just recently and keen readers of this rubbish will recall that a good while ago I had bought some CDracks from IKEA. I’d put up four of them but now the collection has overflowed, so I installed a fifth one. Just one more left, so I might make a little trip to IKEA in due course to buy a couple more.

After eating my butties I went off to Terjat. I’d heard that the 2nd XI were playing Premilhat at 15:00 and as you know I try to get out and see Turgid whenever there isn’t any local football here.

football club de foot as terjat premilhat allier franceThis was a match that had everything. Torrential rain, sleet, hailstorms, as well as bright sunlight. But the howling wind was pretty much a constant and made play from east to west rather a tricky proposition.

It also had a few other features as well, including a right hook that would have put Joe Frazier to shame and which put the Terjat right-back into the dressing room iwthout any help from any of his colleagues. This led to controversy, as you might expect, for at this level (the basement of football as far as I’m concerned) there are no bookings and no sendings-off. The offending player was taken off by his captain, but a substitute ws sent out and this threatened to bring the game to an unceremonious end.

However, wiser councils prevailed. The referee blew for half-time a minute or so later, and at the start of the second half, it was clear that Premilhat had returned to the field with just 10 men.

football club de foot as terjat premilhat allier francePlaying with the wind in their favour but with 11 against 11, Terjat were only trailing by 3-0 at half-time. But playing against the wind and against one man less, they were completely overwhelmed and let in another 4 goals, to lose by 0-7.

The fact that the score was 0-7 is laregly due to the Terjat goalkeeper who was effectively playing on his own against 5 or 6 Premilhat forwards and made probably 7 or 8 high-quality saves that would not have been out of place at Conference North level, and also due to the Premilhat attackers who missed a penalty, who hit the woodwork four times and who missed a load of sitters. If Premilhat had scored a dozen, no-one from Terjat could have complained.

Worse, though, is that Valentin, one of the heroes of Pionsat 2nd and 3rd XI’s valiant struggles, is now playing for Terjat, in his usual role out on the wing. He was an excellent player for Pionsat’s lesser sides but here he had a match that he would rather, I’m sure, forget completely. Not through any fault of his own, but simply that his colleagues were totally incapable of getting the ball forward to him.

I said to him after the game “what on earth are you doing with a team like this?”, for there’s no doubt that Terjat are the worst team that I have ever seen so far. And here I was – it was less than 8 days ago that i’d been watching a team that is playing in the Europa League.

Back here I lit the fire and made myself a pizza in the oven, and then watched some gridiron before going to bed. Tomorrow is a bank holiday so I’m going to have another lie-in.

Sunday 15th April 2012 – Here’s a good photo.

fcpsh fc pionsat st hilaire montel villosanges puy de dome football league franceOr, at least, it would have been in the goalkeeper of the Chimps had been wearing a more visible kit and the weather had been so much better. It’s not every day that I’ve been able to catch a keeper in full flight.

The difference is that I’ve recently upgraded the memory cards that I use. I still have the cheap rubbish but I’ve spent some money buying two 4gb cards of the quickest writing speed available and while the difference between 1/250 of a second and 1/40 of a second might not be very much, it is enough when it really counts.

But it was a miserable day at the football. Cold, wet, grey and windy. But that’s enough about me. The weather was the same. Everyone was soaked to the skin, even the three spectators in the stand. The result was nothing to cheer about either. All in all, a bad weekend for the club.

In fact, this will be the last time that I see them this season. Matches next weekend are cancelled due to the General Election, and the following Tuesday evening I’m on my way. I hope that they can manage without me.

computer laptop external speaker mp3 player lidl puy de dome franceNow you might remember this thing. I’ve told you about it, but I haven’t shown you a pic of it. It’s the external speaker thing for the notebook, the one with the built-in battery. It also has a slot for a micro-SD card as I might have said, and in a flash of inspiration I remembered a mis-order that we had made a few years ago at the 7-Day Shop and ended up with a couple of 1gb micro-SD cards.

Much to my surprise I managed to find them amongst all of the rubbish here (and finding the missing blank 4gb full-size card as well) and so I recorded a pile  of music onto them. Did you know that you can fit about 35 albums onto a 1gb memory card if you record at 56kbs, by the way? Anyway, the machine reads the cards and plays the music, impressively too, I have to say. No menu, just one ofter the other, and it won’t recharge while it’s playing. Minor problems, seeing as it cost just €9:99 from LIDL. This will be coming with me on the ‘plane.

In other news, I lit the fire up here tonight, with the temperature a very damp and wet 13.6°C. I was debating about doing it, and then I remembered that it was Sunday night – pizza night – and I could cook the pizza and the garlic bread in the oven up here. And so I did. And with the wood having been up here for three months drying out, it burned a treat as well.

But it’s like flaming winter again here. 12.5mm of rain today. Whatever next? 

Saturday 14th April 2012 – I’ve been busy today as well.

I managed to wake up with the alarm today, for a change. And an early breakfast too, for once. After that, I spent a lot of time working on a project that I’m doing for Dave at Hexham. Only problem with this though is that I’m struggling for creative inspiration at the moment. Margaret Thatcher once famously said “anyone can do a good day’s work when they feel like it. The key to success is to be able to do a good day’s work when you don’t feel like it” and I don’t disagree with those comments at all. I really need to summon up the inspiration from somewhere.

I’ve also started to make a list of things that I need to do before I go away. It’s going to be a flaming long list, that’s for sure. And it will certainly stop me feeling listless.

In St Eloy I bumped into Clare and Keith doing their shopping, even though I wasn’t there long and had a rather minimalist €23 shopping bill. Nothing special was on offer. Never mind.

Tonight, I was at the football watching Pionsat play the Chimps. And I’m not going to be talking about the match on here because I have a feeling that I shall be talking about it elsewhere.

maison ducros maymat rue de la poste pionsat puy de dome franceBut I did go to see the Maison Ducros in Pionsat, the building that I photographed the other day and about which there has been so much controversy just recently.

As you can see, there won’t be any more controversy about it now, is there? It’s a tragedy and it was all so unnecessary.

For an hour or so, I did manage to see some of the classic film Ben-Hur starring the famous Charlton Athletic, he of the cold dead hand. But never mind any of that, guess who was the stunt co-ordinator and second unit director? Yes, none other than our old friend who has featured in these pages on several occasions, the legendary Yakima Canutt. He gets about a bit, doesn’t he?

Sunday 20th November 2011 – WE HAD A FOOTFEST TODAY.

We were down at Montel de Gelat for the whole afternoon watching the 3rd XI take on the 2nd XI of Montel-Villosanges, followed by the 1st XI taking on the 1st XI of the Chimps.

FCPSH FC PIONSAT ST HILAIRE FOOTBALL CLUB DE FOOT montel de gelat montel villosanges puy de dome franceThe 3rd XI were a man short and with no goalkeeper either (chapeau to Xavier to donning the gloves) once again, and lost 1-0 to a disputed penalty. For much of the game they were playing as if it were they who had the extra men and they never looked in any danger against one of the worst teams I have ever seen.

With a couple of extra players to make up a decent pool of players, and with a proper goalkeeper, they could – and should – have demolished this side.

The FC Pionsat St Hilaire administration needs to be asking itself a few serious questions about how seriously they are taking the 3rd XI, as I have said before.

FCPSH FC PIONSAT ST HILAIRE FOOTBALL CLUB DE FOOT montel de gelat montel villosanges puy de dome franceAs for the 1st XI they lived up to my expectations by conceding two soft goals, one of thmm being an unchallenged header from a free kick.

The second was when a defender pulled up with a hamstring chasing a loose ball, allowing an attacker a free shot at goal, and I don’t suppose you can do too much about that.

And that was all that Matthieu had to do in the game really – to pick the ball out of the net on those two occasions. For the rest of the match he was pretty much a spectator

FCPSH FC PIONSAT ST HILAIRE FOOTBALL CLUB DE FOOT montel de gelat montel villosanges puy de dome francenot like his opposite number who was in the thick of the action for most of the game.

How the Pionsat side only managed to score 2 is one of those things that people will be asking for years to come because the 1st XI weren’t any better at football than their reserves.

They were however much better at punching and kicking their opponents, and collapsing like a sack of potatoes any time a Pionsat player got within 10 yards of them.

And we had a mass brawl in the closing stages of the game, with even the Chimps trainer becoming involved in the action.

Add to that the crowd hurling gratuitous abuse at FC Pionsat St Hilaire’s linesman and with a few other incidents that were just as unsavoury, I wasn’t sorry when the final whistle was blown.

Saturday 26th March 2011 – For those of you concerned …

about my physical welfare, I didn’t have a solar shower today.

And it’s my own fault anyway. Although this morning was slightly cloudy it didnt look too bad at all. I went into St Eloy les Mines and did some shopping there and (just for a change spent a few bob too.

planting lettuce raised beds gardening les guis virlet puy de dome franceAnd in the Carrefour they had trays of baby lettuce for €3.99, so I bought one. I was expecting about 10 or 12 but in fact there were 25 all told, and you can’t leave that many in the tiny tray. And so I thoroughly watered one of the potato beds and planted them in there, thinking that I can plant the spuds around them and they will be long gone before I need to uproot the taties.

And of course, that was the cue for a torrential downpour as you might expect, and that was the summer over. I came up here with a coffee, crashed out, and am I going to have an uncomfortable night as I spilled a mug of coffee all over my bed settee as I keeled over and now it’s all wet.

fcpsh fc pionsat st hilaire montel villosanges puy de dome ligue football league franceAt the footy tonight there was just one match, the 1st XI against Montel Villosanges. And Pionsat won with a most bizarre goal.

A beautiful ball over the top of the defence that set up a chase – two Pionsat attackers against two of the Chimps defenders. But the keeper got to it first, just outside his area, and he fairly whacked the ball as hard as he could – straight into the face of a Pionsat attacker. The ball ricocheted off his face, went back over the keeper’s head and with one bounce it went straight into the net.

Yes, you can tell that things are going Pionsat’s way for a change when they can win matches by scoring goals like this.

Sunday 7th March 2010 – I think that the Pentax has finally died

I went out this afternoon to see FC Pionsat St Hilaire play Montel-Villosanges at Villosanges. I took three sets of fully-charged batteries, one of which was brand-new, and all charged up on different chargers, and I couldn’t get a shot. The batteries “depleted” while I was poised for action. I know that it was bad before but the voyage to Trappes and back seems to have made it worse.

So that’s that!

Mind you, it was perishing cold – minus 5 out there. With a howling wind and driving snow it was uncomfortable even watching the match. Heaven knows what it was like on the pitch playing. The game was difficult which was no surprise given the conditions, and ended up 1-1. The Chimps are a naggy, aggravating side as I have said elsewhere and the ref had his work cut out what with the players and a crowd (for it was a crowd, to be sure) whose passion quite often went beyond the bounds of what might be called “reasonable”. We had a “fight” between two players – and I use the word with inverted commas because had the two players have come up against a couple of British Brownies en route for a Sunday School outing my money would have been on the Brownies.

After that it was round to see Liz and Terry to discuss our radio programme next week. It’s keeping me busy, all of this.

Saturday 24th October 2009 – I have just seen …

fcpsh football club de foot pionsat st hilaire montel villosanges…the most amazing game of footy that I have seen in years. In the driving torrential rain, 5 minutes to go and Pionsat trailing 3-1. Heads down, Montel-Villosanges on the rampage, crowds streaming out of the ground, etc etc.

And in a most astonishing and dramatic 3 minutes, Pionsat have three attacks and somehow, unbelievably, score 3 goals to end up the winners in a match that they never ever deserved to win.

Earlier in the evening the 2nd XI had played Menetrol and won 3-2 in a match that was scarred by controversy and had I been refereeing Pionsat would not have had two of their goals. For one of them, the Menetrol keeper takes a clean catch of a high ball but has come out with his foot up to ward off the Pionsat attacker. Now personally I think that if a keeper comes out with his foot raised then it’s “dangerous play” and if his foot does catch the attacker it really ought to be a penalty. You see this kind of thing in every match that you watch and even when there’s a collision a penalty has never ever been given. Yet tonight there was a collision and the ref gave the penalty. Like I say, quite right too but it would not have been given anywhere else.

Pionsat’s second goal I didn’t catch on camera. For the simple reason that I, like all of the crowd, like the Menetrol defence and like most of the Pionsat players except the guy with the ball, was waiting for the referee to blow the whistle in response to the linesman’s flag for probably the clearest offside I have ever seen. The linesman hurled his flag to the floor in disgust, and who can blame him? Normally the dubious decisions always seem to go against Pionsat so it’s about time they had some luck. But still ….

This morning I dodged the torrential rainstorm and went into Montlucon. At LIDL they were selling a video capture kit that enables you to plug your video recorder into your computer and copy al of your old tapes. I’ve been looking for one of these for years and at €19.95 it’s a bargain. I forgot more than I remembered at Brico Depot but I’ve got most of what I need now for my room and I’ll have to do without the rest.

And it’s still raining.