Friday 5th March 2010 – I had another good day today.

garden les guis virlet puy de dome franceI’ve now finished clearing out the space where I’m going to put the two halves of the old Transit. I’ll move the drainpipe, drag them across there and then put the drainpipe back and extend it further down the hill..

That will free off a space of about 8 metres by 5 metres and that will be where the new vegetable garden will be.

You can tell how long I was working out there though as when I took the picture the light was going so that would make it about 18:45. That’s quite a departure from the norm – usually on Fridays I knock off early and have a good wash but I was on a roll so I kept on going. And I bet I’ll pay for that tomorrow, but at least it’s done now. A couple of days to dry everything out and I can start moving stuff around.

garden fire les guis virlet puy de dome franceThe weather has gone colder now. Last night it went down to minus 5.4 but today was a glorious perfect blue sunny day. I generated about 240 amp-hours of electricity, that’s just under 3KwH and a new record. I had the heater on up here for five hours.

And that’s got me thinking – a modern automatic washing machine uses about 0.9KwH for a full load on maximum wash. If I could rig up a way of having hot water to feed into the machine and running it on a standard wash I reckon I could do a load in about half of that. I’ll bring my washing machine back from Brussels and have a play with it. In the meantime I might ask someone to check the consumption of a washing machine on that kind of load.

Tomorrow is Saturday and as it’s the first of the month that means Montlucon, Brico Depot and a megashop. I’m going for all my gardening materials too. I’m going to have my work cut out for the next month or two.

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