Sunday 7th March 2010 – I think that the Pentax has finally died

I went out this afternoon to see FC Pionsat St Hilaire play Montel-Villosanges at Villosanges. I took three sets of fully-charged batteries, one of which was brand-new, and all charged up on different chargers, and I couldn’t get a shot. The batteries “depleted” while I was poised for action. I know that it was bad before but the voyage to Trappes and back seems to have made it worse.

So that’s that!

Mind you, it was perishing cold – minus 5 out there. With a howling wind and driving snow it was uncomfortable even watching the match. Heaven knows what it was like on the pitch playing. The game was difficult which was no surprise given the conditions, and ended up 1-1. The Chimps are a naggy, aggravating side as I have said elsewhere and the ref had his work cut out what with the players and a crowd (for it was a crowd, to be sure) whose passion quite often went beyond the bounds of what might be called “reasonable”. We had a “fight” between two players – and I use the word with inverted commas because had the two players have come up against a couple of British Brownies en route for a Sunday School outing my money would have been on the Brownies.

After that it was round to see Liz and Terry to discuss our radio programme next week. It’s keeping me busy, all of this.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday 7th March 2010 – I think that the Pentax has finally died

  1. SagePhotoWorld

    I’m sorry that Pentax turned out to be such rubbish. It always sounded a good camera.

    My Canon XT (350D) is 5 years old and still going strong.

  2. Epic Hall

    Yes, it had everything that I needed and trying to find a successor is proving to be difficult. But it’s the assembly quality (carp), the design (you cant change the battery contacts without changing the PCB) and the appalling after-sales service that has done it. Why they couldn’t have offered me a replacement body at cost (the retail price is less than the price of the repairs) is something I just do not understand.

  3. SagePhotoWorld

    The battery contacts have bent flat? If that’s the case then would it be possible to do this: get some iron filings and some nail varnish. Mix up a solid mix of it, put a lump on the battery terminals and try to fit it into place. If it’s too bulky, file it down gently until you have a tight fit.

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