Wednesday 3rd August 2016 – AFTER MANY VICISSITUDES …

… I’ve finally made it back to my little room, and how nice it is to be here again.

Krystof, the male nurse, came to see me at about 09:30 to confirm that I was on my way, but I had to have a perfusion of something to take the water off my legs. “It won’t take long”, he said.

He was right, too. After about 15 minutes, it was all done. “You just have to wait for the doctor now” he told me.

The doctor turned up at about 11:00. The blood’s okay, the infection is under control, the kidney details have been passed to the specialist, and there are no side-effects. No reason me for me to stay, so they would do the paperwork and then I can go.

And so I waited.

And waited.

By 18:00 i’d given up. I imagined that they had either forgotten me or changed their minds, especially as I saw her a-wandering up and down the corridor a couple of times. But at 18:45, just as I was starting to settle down for the evening, they arrived with all of the paperwork.

They had a couple of prescriptions for me, including an injection that I need to buy and bring with me for my next appointment, which is on Thursday 11th August. There’s also a letter that I need to give to my doctor in Pionsat – if I can remember where Pionsat is these days.

But then I was off. Up to the car park to check over Caliburn and give him a good run around the car park to warm him up and keep the rust off the discs, and then a pleasant walk back here in the cool evening breeze. It was pouring down earlier but it stopped for my walk home, and started again just after I arrived here. For once, the Gods were on my side.

I was pretty well loaded up for the return journey so I ended up leaving most of the clean washing in Caliburn. I’ll bring it back down here after my next visit to the hospital.

So I’m hoping to have a better night’s sleep tonight. In fact, it wasn’t all that bad last night. I was asleep by 23:00 last night and awake at 04:00 and, more permanently, at 06:00. I did manage to drop off again but the 07:30 clatter brought me back to earth.

And my room mate left today as well, so I could have had a decent sleep there too – maybe – but I do have to say that he was one of the quietest people whom I’ve shared a room with. No complaints there.

But it’s good to be back here, and I can go back into my old routine.

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