Monday 16th May 2011 – Well, it was a nice afternoon out.

Riom is quite pleasant at this time of the year and it was a nice drive too. And seeing as how what I had to do took nothing like as long as I was expecting, and with 2 hours to spare, I went for a swim in the baths there.

And the baths were delicious. New, clean, modern, light, airy, and plenty of room to move about. A few activities for the younger ones too. I really enjoyed that swim and the shower afterwards (… “what, was the OUSA EC there?” – ed …) was nice and warm. And so I am nice and clean and I’m even going to have clean bedding tonight.

At the Anglo-French group tonight we had a good chat about current events – Strauss-Kahn, Fukushima, that kind of thing. It’s nice to be with pleasant company.

And on the web pages I’m now on Cape Breton Island and taking the Englishtown Ferry over to the Cabot Trail. I’ve been there before, in 2003 of course, but I was quite ill then and I really wasn’t enjoying my journey. 2010 was a much different kettle of fish – 5 years since I’d been on a decent adventure, when I went off to South Carolina and I was all fuelled up for it.

“And Newfoundland?” I hear you ask. That’s all done and dusted and it’s on line. You can read it here.

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