Friday 10th July 2015 – THIS FLYING SHELF IDEA …

… isn’t working as well as it ought to. The upper part of it works fine – the tubes that cover the threaded rod need to be cut down a millimetre or two but apart from that I couldn’t want for anything better. Mind you, it would have helped considerably had I not drilled into it by accident when I was doing something else.

The lower part is fine too. All of the plugs and sockets are fitted and wired in and working. The little LED strip light does its job just fine and although it could be brighter, it’s there and working and illuminating the sink and the mirror behind it (whenever they might be installed). I expected to have had much more difficulty with that than I did.

Where it’s all going wrong is routing the wiring where it’s supposed to go. It doesn’t like these channels that I have cut and so goes everywhere. This means that I can’t properly join the upper and lower parts and that’s where it’s all going wrong. I could put an extra piece in between the two – just a strip around the outside, and screw that in position to clamp the wires in place, but that would mean cutting down the threaded rod, cutting down the tubes and having many more difficulties about screwing the threaded rod to the shelves.

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this, but getting nowhere yet.

This morning though, after another early start, I finished off the web pages that I’d been bringing up to date, and then starting to transcribe the dictaphone notes. Admittedly the days that I have done so far are short days, but 8 out of 45 in a couple of hours is impressive none-the-less.

And I also had the honour of making a coffee this afternoon in the percolator and forgetting to put the jug in position on the stand, so I’ve had a mini-flood in here.

It’s just not my day, is it?

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