Thursday 10th November 2022 – I’VE WRITTEN A …

… letter to the hospital staff that I will hand to a doctor at the next available opportunity.

Basically, it says that I withdraw any and all permissions for tubes, pimes, cameras and the like to be inserted into my body.

As regular readers of this rubbish will recall, I have a total horror of pipes and tubes going into my body and I’ve mentioned this to everyone with whom I’ve come into contact at the hospital. They know that they can render me unconscious by whatever means they like and when they have done that they ca do what they like.

But only if I’m unconscious.

10 or so days ago they took me down to the bowels of the hospital to shove a camera down my throat. First though they gave me a pill and I was unconscious for three hours.

Today I had to go back down there so a handy porter took me and my bed on our travels.

The doctor down there remembered me, remembered my pill but just to remind her, I gave her my little speech.

So she put me on the bed in there, sprayed something in my throat, slammed something between my teeth and then simply pushed the camera down my throa with no anaesthetic at all

It goes without saying that we had the usual panic attack and everything that went with it. And hence my letter.

Last night I was in bed quite early and slept the sleep of the dead until the alarm went off at 06:30 There was one occasion when I awoke to find someone poking and prodding me round about 04:00.

Nothing on the dictaphone from last night so it must have been a deep sleep.

Much of the morning was spent either sleeping or being haken awake bu nurses and doctors. One doctor was particularly interested in my legs and that’s always a good sign.

What I didn’t like was being told round about 09:30 that I could no longer eat anything until my camera examination. I wouldn’t normally have minded except that they didn’t come for me until 14:30.

That wasn’t quite so bad but then they kept me waiting for an age before they saw me. And this is where the problem lies, I reckon, They were running late and didn’t have the time or the space to keep me on one side for a few hours while I recovered..

So I missed my lunch but I was back just in time for tea. And if that really was hummus that I had, it was the strangest hummus that I hve ever eaten.

Anyway, that was basically that today. The desperate disappointment of this bronchoxcopy has ruined everything here and things won’t ever be the same again.

It was an appalling thing to do to me because they all know how I feel about things like this. They’ve all had fair warning over the past few years and it’s extremely regrettable that the doctor, who took so much care to deal with me the first time, totally ignored my wishes the seconf time.

And I’ll tell you something for nothing. It won’t ever happen again.

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