Sunday 6th November 2022 – MEANWHILE, IN CASTLE ANTHRAX …

…Cute Student Nurse – “Have you washed yourself this morning?”
Our Hero – “yes I have”
CSN – “have you changed your nightgown?”
OH – “yes I have”
CSN – “then I’ll change your bedding and you’ll smell like roses”
OH – “it’ll take more than whatever the hospital has to make me smell like roses”.”

Once more I went to sleep without a sleeping pill. I was off with the fairies round about midnight. And if anyone came to check up on me during the small hours I really didn’t notice..

Round about 03:30 I awoke for a while and even had my early morning orange but I was soon back asleep.

Even though it was a Sunday there was an alarm set, and at 06:30 too, and it was that which awoke me this morning.

Plenty of stuff on the dictaphone from during the night. Once again I was having a dream and was away on my travels. I seem to have awoken and completely forgotten everything to do about it. It was to do with Shavington and I was meeting someone on the train, a girl. It was the terminus of the railway station, something like Kew Gardens. She came into the station on a train and I was waiting there to carry her packages for her which she thought was extremely sweet and told me so. We went to a café for something to eat. She ordered something but I didn’t. When her meal came she said something like “go on, Eric, you’ll have to eat something”. I decided that I’d order a couple of rounds of toast. The waitress said that she didn’t have a pen to write it down so I reached in my pocket to find a pen. She then came up with another excuse. I looked closely at her, and she was a girl whom I knew from my childhood in Shavington when we all lived together on the same council estate. In the end it was quite clear that she wasn’t going to order anything at all for me and wandered away. A few minutes later the manageress came past so we buttonholed her and I explained the story of the strange behaviour of the waitress. She asked for a reason for it. I said that we both grew up as kids in the same kind of environment but some of us managed to drag ourselves out of the hole but others like her were unable to do so. It’s probably some kind of jealousy.

There was also something like going camping or similar last night. I should have been in bed and should have been up early next morning but when the alarm went off I still hadn’t gone to bed because there was still some kind of intense discussion going on. We hadn’t been able to go to bed because of it. Later on I was back at work again in this recurring dream where I had to give some of my work to someone else. I had work piled up everywhere that I hadn’t done. When I went back into this office where my work had been, there was a girl there lying in bed with an adding machine going through piles of paperwork. There was an awful amount of additional papers on her bed and she exclaimed “ohh look! Here’s one that you’ve added up correctly”. I replied “give me some of the ones that are wrong and I’ll go through and redo them” but she didn’t seem to pay much attention to that. Instead she went and rummaged through the paperwork and was asking someone else in connection with one of these slips some advice about if someone had a new bathroom installed would there really be a large amount for a new bathroom window or is this incorrect?

After breakfast we had the interchange as mentioned above and she also bought me a small bucket with a lid. Apparently I have an appointment with the nephrologist on Monday so he needs a … errr … 24-hour sample.

The doctor has been round again to check up on me. I talked mainly about my knee because that’s my priority right now but he didn’t seem to be all that interested. In fact I have the impression that the doctors here at weekend are just here basically to make sure that the patients are still alive – and that they stay alive until Monday.

The rest of the day I’ve been left to my own devices, apart from the odd visit from a nurse with food and medication, and for a couple of chats here and there on the internet. As a result I’ve been catching up on a few bits and pieces that I’ve let go for a while.

But as I seem to be feeling better in certain respects I’m going to make a start tomorrow on catching up on more important things that I’ve let go just recently.

But how much time will I have?

It looks as if I’m going to be busy for the next couple of days.

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