Saturday 15th October 2022 – GUESS WHO …

… had company in bed last night?

And before I went to bed too, because I was still sitting on the edge of the bed starting to undress when Cujo the Killer Cat jumped on the bed miaowing. And as soon as I settled down under the bedclothes she snuggled up and that was that.

She stayed for quite a long time too but when I eventually awoke, she was gone. Still, it was nice while it lasted. It’s the best offer that I’ve had for quite some considerable time.

Plenty of stuff on the dictaphone from the night too. We were babysitting this girl of about 11. I got on really well with her and spent a lot of time with her. Her father came to pick her up afterwards. My father told him that the bike that he had found for her was a Raleigh or something. I went into the hall to look and there was a kid’s bike there, a Raleigh, the type that you would have in the 1960s for a child so I took her to try it. It was a little big for her but nothing that you couldn’t adjust out. On the way we saw a circus across the road. She looked and said “that looks great”. I replied “guess where we’re going to come the next time you come round?”. I could see that there was a look of disapproval in her father’s eye but the girl seemed to be reacting a lot more with me than she did with him. You could see that he was disappointed by that.

This next one was another long, rambling dream with loads missing. It involved a funeral and burying a coffin. There was a big argument about the grave. They’d dug out the grave but it wasn’t really big enough but these people insisted that they knew what they were doing. In the end they prepared the coffin to drop into the grave but found that it wasn’t going in because the hole wasn’t big enough. They had to lift it out again and enlarge the hole. In the end I had them dig a huge pile out to make an enormous hole because that was the only way to stop the bickering and the arguments, to make sure that there was more than enough room to drop the coffin in and then back-fill it but it was one of these typical small village things where everyone knew better than everyone else. There were the local experts who had never done this before, that kid of thing, and it went on for hours.

Finally I was at work. I’d just come back from lunch 5 minutes early so that I could cut my hair. I was there busily shaving it away and the manager came in, rounded up everyone and said that a file was missing. He gave us the number and insisted that we searched the entire office for it. He said “when you’ve finished cutting your hair of course”. I replied “I’ll go and look for it now and cut my hair later”. We all stood up and went our separate ways searching everywhere to see if we could find this file. There was a cheque that needed issuing on it and we needed the file to check the validity.

After I had finally come round from the dead I went up to the mill in the pouring rain. We weighed the two parcels and I was surprisingly accurate in my guesses. I thought 25kg and 20kg but in fact it’s 30kg and 20kg. That’s not too bad.

They were really busy up there today but I couldn’t help them any as shifting sacks of grain is rather beyond me these days but I waited around for quite a while chatting.

Back here I had beans on toast for lunch and then transcribed the dictaphone notes from yesterday which are now on line, and then I made a start on last night’s.

When Rachel came home we started on tea. We discussed all kinds of cookery recipes and in the end I made a pyrex dish with my veggie balls, tomato, onion and garlic to go with the baked potato and vegetables that she was cooking to go with the lamb chops. And my meal was delicious.

For dessert I had a surprise. On her was home Rachel had called at the home of the old lady whom we had visited yesterday and she had made me a “demonstration cake” of egg-free molasses cake.

And that was delicious too.

After tidying up I came in here to finish off the dictaphone notes and then wrote up today’s entry.

And now I’m off to bed. We’re dining out tomorrow morning so I won’t have too much of a lie-in. And I probably won’t have any lie-in at all if Cujo the Killer Cat comes to visit me.

Not that I’m complaining, of course.

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