Thursday 29th September 2022 – PLACEHOLDER ALERT

As I suspected, I wasn’t far out yesterday when I said that I’d be still on the road at 04:00. I’m just settling down now and it’s 03:48 so I shall award myself several brownie points for that.

So where am I then?

Well, you’ll have to come back tomorrow, some time after midday because I doubt that I’ll be stirring much before then. Just let’s say that on my way around I picked up a bottle of Spruce Beer, or Epinette as it’s known around here. And this is the only place in the World where you can buy it.

But right now I’m off to bed, and I deserve it too. I’ve had two really bad falls today, both of which will rival or exceed that one that I had the other day on board Victor Hugo and I can’t walk.

What will happen tomorrow remains to be seen.

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