Tuesday 30th July 2013 – I’M HAVING A …

… bad day today!

And I missed some of it too because at about 15:30 I went and crashed out for 90 minutes. That’s just how it was.

Mind you, I was up long before the alarm and I don’t remember much of my dream except that there were two people in it who were green, something similar to Fantômas in the series of Louis de Funès films.

After breakfast I made piles of space in the living room and in the big bedroom and photographed almost everything that there is to sell.

My plan is to make a web page of articles for sale and then advertise it on places like Craigslist and so on, and have a kind of open day or two.

But here’s no rush because the Estate Agent called me again today. His pool of clients has now whittled itself down to zero and so he wants to restart the visits. Consequently we had a brief discussion.

Three times he’s “sold” this apartment “subject to the availability of finance” and three times the “availability of finance” has not been forthcoming. High time he presented some serious clients.

Apart from that, a lunchtime and at tea time (and the second portion of my potato pie was even better) I’ve been watchin the John Wayne film The Undefeated – and watching it open-mouthed.

Although this was the film that directly followed True Grit , it has to be one of the worst main feature John Wayne films that I have ever seen.

It’s a rambling, shambolic 100 minutes of tiny little sub-plots with just the vaguest hint of story stringing them along. It’s as if someone has taken a TV series of 26×50-minute episodes and made a collage out of the highlights.

His character in the film, by the way, is called “John Thomas” – probably because the film is all c*ck.

In other news, the BBC tells us today that “for years the Arab world’s dictators kept radical Islamic groups in check but the uprisings of 2011 gave them freedom to operate more openly”.

Anyone who has been following this load of rubbish for any length of time will be only too well aware that I’ve been saying since the Iraqi invasion over 10 years ago that the west will end up regretting the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and his like.

Truth travels slowly but it’s finally reached the BBC.

Trouble with me is that I’m 10 years ahead of my time.

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