Thursday 7th July 2022 – "WHAT MORE CAN I SAY?"

“IT’S ALWAYS GOOD TO BE BACK HOME” as Barry Hay said in Amsterdam in 1992.

And as I sank into my chair in my bedroom this afternoon and breathed a sigh of relief I totally agreed with him. It IS good to be back home even if I’ve “got my friends in every town, from border to border, every place that I’ve been”.

Last night in that nice motel in eastern Normandy I slept for 10.5 hours and enjoyed every minute of it. There is however plenty of stuff on the dictaphone and I suppose that one of these days I’ll have to type it all out. It’ll certainly be interesting to see where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to and (more importantly) who was with me when I was doing it.

After a good shower I hit the road and headed for home. The journey was completely uneventful and there was nothing to report at all.

The Lady Who Lives In The SatNav brought me into Caen eventually and then I hit the autoroute for the rest of the journey home.

As I arrived in Granville I noticed that diesel has reduced from 206.9 to 197.9 while I was away. It’s not all bad news.

And while I was at LeClerc I popped in for some shopping just to make sure that and I’ll have stuff to eat.

Back at home, the first thing that I did was to check on the new bus route that stops outside my door. And to my surprise it doesn’t go to the railway station. That’s bad news. That’s no use for me at all and I’m not impressed.

Next thing was to come upstairs with a few things – nothing like everything that’s in Caliburn. That’s going to take me several weeks, if not months, to bring it all up here.

Up here, I made a strong coffee and collapsed into my chair. and apart from making some sandwiches at some point during the afternoon that’s all that I’ve done. I’ve had a very relaxing afternoon and quite right too because I’m worn out. I was thinking of going to the USA maybe at some point later in the year but that’s not going to happen. 500kms yesterday finished me off.

So now I’m going to bed and have (hopefully) a really good sleep ready for everything that I have to do tomorrow.

And Barry Hay is right. It’s always good to be back home.

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