Tuesday 5th July 2022 – HERE I AM …

… at Alison’s house near Leuven.

“I need to charge up my phone”
“Why?” asked Alison
“The battery is almost flat and I need to book a hotel room”
“Don’t be silly! Stay here!”

As I have said before … “and on many occasions too” – ed … I don’t have many friends but those I do have are the best in the world.

Last night’s hotel, after all was said and done, was quite comfortable too. I had a reasonable (for these days) sleep with a few voyages during the night (there are now 37 on the dictaphone waiting to be transcribed) and I even treated myself to a little lie-in.

The shower was quite nice too but surprisingly I had to wait for quite a while for the medication to take effect – much longer than usual.

Once I was ready I could hit the road and I headed for Leuven. I stopped to buy bread for lunch and then went to the hospital at Pellemberg – the one where I stayed for a while back in 2016 with the beautiful grounds – to eat my butties.

With plenty of time on my hands I finished reading my book on submarines and had a good doze in the afternoon sun as well but then later I headed into town.

There was a handy place to park in a side street in the suburbs and a good walk took me into town where I met up with Alison. We had our burger at Green Day and a coffee at Kloosters Hotel before heading back to her house.

She has an early start in the morning, and that means so do I, so I’m not hanging around. I’m going to bed and tomorrow I’m starting on the first leg of my journey back home. If I’m lucky I’ll be back by the weekend.

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