Saturday 2nd July 2022 – START AS YOU …

… mean to go on.

So I started this morning by changing the wheel on Caliburn. The tyre that they said the other day that there was nothing wrong with had gone down again overnight. This is becoming too much of a habit.

But anyway, I had a really nice sleep last night in a bed in which Noah and his wife had slept during their voyage on the Ark and which had been rescued from Mount Ararat, and then I wandered off for a shower.

Not that I needed to bother because I was all hot and sweaty within five minutes of leaving the hotel.

And I’m not sure what they had used to tighten up the wheel nuts at that garage in Eching but I ended up jumping up and down on the power bar to free them off. At one stage I fell off and landed on the sore spot on my bad knee right on the corner of my toolbox. That’s ruined me for life, I reckon.

Eventually it was all done and dusted and I could clear off, musing that for €45 I had had a pretty good deal.

My route meandered north and I crossed the Saar at Mettlach. There’s an old suspension bridge there that’s still used for traffic and it’s quite pretty around there so I stopped to take a few photos

When I arrived at Luxembourg Malou wasn’t available. She’s hosting a Celtic-themed walk around the city all day and into the evening so I headed north for Cologne.

At one point coming over the brow of a hill into the Rhine valley there’s a beautiful view of the city so I stopped there to take a few photos and then pushed on to Jackie’s house on the north side of the city.

Finding a place to park wasn’t easy because it’s a narrow street but I managed to sort something out, and we went off to a restaurant by the riverside for a meal and a really good chat to talk about old times. It’s 18 years since we first me, so she informed me.

No room at any old inn in the vicinity but as luck would have it, her partner’s friend wasn’t staying over tonight and so that solved the problem completely, for which I was extremely grateful.

But guess what I’ll be doing first thing tomorrow before I set off? This really is unbelievable.

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