Thursday 30th June 2022 – MEANWHILE, IN THE …

… Hotel Adler in Eichstätt in Bavaria –
Receptionist – “I’m afraid that it’s a rather small room”
Our Hero – “No problem. I’m a rather small person”.

We also have a very happy small person in the Auvergne too today. The Amazon fairy has been past and she is now in possession of a little 3/4-size guitar with love from me and another large book on animals (in French) with love from STRAWBERRY MOOSE.

Every child deserves the right to be happy and have nice things and I hope that she enjoys them.

Last night was a slightly better night but even so there are still tons of stuff on the dictaphone that need transcribing when I find a place where I can settle down be comfortable. But that looks as if it’s going to be back at home.

What has happened is that I’ve made an executive decision – and for the benefit of new readers, regular readers of this rubbish will recall that an executive decision is one where, if it goes wrong, the person who made it is executed – that I’m not going to Austria, or Italy, or Croatia. I’m going home.

But this morning after I had a shower I went round to Hans and Ulli’s for breakfast and a nice long chat. And then we had some errands to run around the shopping centre at the back of Eching.

Back in the apartment, after an unsuccessful trip around, we carried on chatting until it was time for Hans to prepare to go to work, so in the best traditions of the “News of the Screws”, I “made my excuses and left”.

Having fuelled up Caliburn I headed northwards towards Landshut; a medieval town with the tallest tower in Germany. The idea was to stop there and go for a walk around but the place was heaving with people, it was 34°C and there was nowhere handy to park.

Instead, I just stuck Caliburn anywhere, took a couple of photos and drove away.

Next stop was the medieval town of Regensburg where I had the same issues so I adopted the same solution.

We had some excitement there with a fire engine trying to beat the red light but having already been stuck at the lights for longer than I cared to be I cut him off and left him stranded across the traffic.

And serve him right.

It was a pleasant drive through rural Germany to the town of Eichstâtt where I arrived right in the middle of a street festival that was taking place right outside the hotel.

Despite the comments of the receptionist, I’ve stayed in many worse places than this. I’ve had a shower and washed some clothes, and then went for a walk around where I stumbled across a live group playing at a bar.

Back at Caliburn I made some butties for tea and then came back up here to write up my notes.

Tomorrow I’ll be pushing on northwards towards Karlsruhe and Metz, and see where I end up from there. Give me another week and I’ll be back home, and I can’t say that I’m sorry.

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