Wednesday 29th June 2022 – HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE …

… to repair a puncture and to put two flatpacks onto an IKEA trolley?

Hans and I set off on our travels to have these errand done at 10:00 and we returned home at … errr … 15:00.

This is of course Germany, the home of efficiency where everything runs like clockwork. God only knows what would have happened had we been in Belgium.

There wasn’t even a puncture to repair either, apparently. Just to replace a leaky valve and that was that.

Yesterday I remember saying that a good sleep would do me good, but I wonder whether I would have one.

The answer was that I didn’t. I was in bed early and fell asleep quite quickly. But I awoke at 01:20 and then couldn’t go back to sleep for an absolute age, tossing and turning around in my bed.

But I did eventually go back to sleep and there was tons of stuff on the dictaphone. But you’ll have to wait until I have a few quiet days on my own when I can transcribe everything before I can tell you all about it.

When the alarm went off though I was already awake. I had a good shower and then Hans and Ulli met me. We went off for Hans’ birthday breakfast at a local hostelry, which was really nice and was the first place that I have encountered for an age where vegan milk substitute was on offer.

Then we went off to have the tyre repaired, waiting around for an age while they messed about with this and that. But eventually they finished it and it’s now back on Caliburn. At least I don’t have to scratch around underneath him like I did in Switzerland on Sunday.

Newt stop was IKEA. I have this oven that I picked up in Macon so I wanted a unit to fit it. And the price that they worked out was so good that in the end I decided to buy two of them.

We paid for them at the cash desk and then had to go round to the pick-up point, and that was where we had to wait for ages while they went off to find them. I can’t believe how long it took them.

Back in Hans’ apartment I had a little … errr … relax for a while and then we went down to the beer garden. Our little concert was called off as the guitarist who was due to play with us is ill. And that was rather a disappointment as far as I was concerned. I had been looking forward to it for several months.

Instead we had a nice meal, some cake and a really good what with a group of his friends.

Now I’m back in my room writing my notes and then I’m off to bed. We’re going off for breakfast again tomorrow and then I’m going to have to figure out what I’m going to do next. I only have the vaguest of plans for the next stage of my journey, and plenty of time to do them

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