Tuesday 28th June 2022 – THIS THREE HOURS …

… that they recommend you set aside to visit Dachau Concentration Camp – I was there for a couple of hours yesterday and back there by 10:00 this morning. And when I left at 14:00 there was still plenty that I hadn’t seen.

But it was just so depressing reading about everything that had happened there. It’s very hard to believe how inhuman man can be to his fellow men. And how things like that can be allowed to happen today.

Surprisingly, there was no oppressive atmosphere that I felt when I was at Mathausen 35 years ago. There, you could really feel the evil in the air, but there was nothing like that at Dachau.

Last night was another depressing, dynamic night with plenty of movement as struggled to go to sleep with this thunderstorm raging all around me and a torrential downpour going on.

Tons of stuff on the dictaphone too and when I have some time to myself I’ll transcribe it all and add it to the notes.

After a shower and breakfast I slung my hook and we headed off for Dachau where I wandered around the camp and the crematorium for several hours.

Hans sent me a message to say that he was on his way home so I wandered off that way and at his apartment I had a nice strong coffee and a good chat with him and Ulli.

There’s a festival, the Torchwood Festival, going on in Munich. It’s a music festival and craft fair with all kinds of street food so we headed that way on the train, taking advantage of the €9:00 monthly public transport ticket.

We were caught in a rainstorm but nevertheless we had a nice vegan Indian meal, a few drinks, listened to a few musicians and met some of Hans’ friends.

Later on we caught the bus and the metro into the city centre and wandered around aimlessly in the rain for an hour or so. Mid you, I managed to find a pharmacy that was open so I could stock up with magnesium tablets and Aloe Vera cream.

116% of my daily activity in my condition finished me off. I almost fell asleep on the train on the way back. Now that I’ve finished my notes I’m off to bed and I’m not sorry. We’re going out for breakfast tomorrow so a good sleep will do me good.

But will I get it?

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