Monday 27th June 2022 – I’M SITTING …

… not on top of the World but in the attic of a guest house in Allershausen in Bavaria after a very busy day today.

For a change I had quite a good sleep and didn’t go too far on my travels. Once more I was awake long before the alarm went off and I was soon in the shower once the alarm went off.

While I was checking my mails and messages I was disturbed by the cleaner who was clearly trying to make me leave my room so I took the hint, packed and cleared off.

It was a beautiful morning so I went for a walk for an hour or so around Memminghem. That’s a really nice town but the odour that was coming off the canal put me off my stride for a moment or two.

On the way eastwards I came across a military cemetery. But it wasn’t what you might think. It had graves of French prisoners from 1870-1871, many nationalities including British from 1914-18 and then just about every nationality from 1939-45, including a couple of Romanian soldiers and several enormous mass graves of hundreds if not thousands of Russian prisoners.

That leads me to think that there must have been a Prisoner-of-War camp here.

There were also several hundred graves of German soldiers, so was there a hospital too? Or were they also prisoners?

When I return home I’ll have my work cut out to track it all down.

Rather later than usual I stopped off for lunch and I also fell asleep for half an hour. The heat was totally unbearable and there was no shade at all anywhere.

But once I was back on the road I went to Dachau.

When I’ve visited Hans in the past I’ve seen the signs for Dachau so I’ve come here a day early with the aim of coming to see the camp. They say “allow three hours for a visit” but at closing time I was still in the exhibition centre and hadn’t had tile to wander around the grounds.

However I’m not meeting Hans until tomorrow afternoon so I’ll go again tomorrow morning to carry on where I left off.

On the internet I found a place to stay. It’s all quite expensive here because I don’t want a dormitory or shared facilities ad I don’t want to be at the airport.

First thing that I did when I arrived was to have a shower and wash my clothes. I was hot and smelly. And then I crashed out again for 15 minutes.

For tea I nibbled on something and then went for a walk. I found a couple of young girls lounging around in one of these rocking seats so as I went past I gave it a good rock

It was a good idea to go for a walk when I did because the heavens have opened and we ae having a storm. Thunder, lightning and rain and probably plagues of locusts too. I’m not sure how I’m going to sleep with all this racket but I’ll try to do my bed.

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