Sunday 26th June 2022 – I DIDN’T ENJOY …

… seeing that this morning.

Putting all of the stuff into Caliburn his morning I noticed that I had a flat tyre on the driver’s side front. One of my brand new ones too.

Luckily I still had the two winter tyres and wheels in Caliburn that I’d picked up last time I was in the Auvergne and there was still a legal amount of tread on them.

But having a wheen was one thing – changing it was something else. Luckily I still had my mega power-bar and 21mm heavy duty socket in Caliburn and of course there was the trolley jack but what defeated me was trying to get up after I’d lain down to put the trolley jack under Caliburn’s front wishbone.

That was what I call a struggle.

Eventually though I’d changed the wheel and I was ready to go.

In fact had it not been for the puncture I’d have been ready to go much earlier because I was actually up and about long before the alarm went off. And on a Sunday too! How about that?

After a shower I had breakfast and then packed and prepared to go, tyre and all.

After 20 minutes and again 20 minutes after that I had to stop and check the wheel nuts to make sure they were tight. And than I could carry on in safety.

The Lady Who Lives In The SatNav and I had several disputes about our route. She’s set to avoid toll roads but for some reason she doesn’t recognise Swiss motorways as toll roads.

THey are, in the sense that you have to pay a toll to buy a sticker to travel on them and Caliburn and I are already on record as toll evaders so I didn’t want to be caught again. In the end I had to disable the motorway option. Which I did, and which I forgot to reconnect when we crossed into Germany.

WHile I was stopped for lunch I had a little … errr … relax for half an hour in the heat and then I carried on. June, her husband and Catherine were at a swimming lake outside the town where they lived so I headed that way and we had a chat and a coffee.

Back in town I found a place to stay and then we all wandered off for a meal and a good chat. That was nice too.

So now its time for my beauty sleep. And I need it too. In fact it will take more than 8 hours of sleep to make me look beautiful

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