Sunday 4th August 2019 – TOTALLY USELESS …

… waste of time miserable pathetic excuse of a coach driver.

First rule when turning round is “drive past, back up, turn round”. But not this guy!

Swings into a country lane forwards (how he hopes that he can see what’s passing behind the bus 40-odd feet back totally beats me) and promptly grounds out the rear end of the bus on the high camber.

90 perishing minutes we were sitting there waiting for a breakdown crew to come and tow him back out and put the exhaust and rear bumper back on.

As a result we lost the light, found a rainstorm, did only half of the visits that we were supposed to visit (and those in record time too) and only got off the bus once – and at the place that I had visited the other day too.

One very unhappy bunny here.

And it all started so well too. Another Sleep Of The Dead and awake sprightly (well, almost) just before the third alarm. Breakfast, tidy up, a quick shower and hit the road to arrive at the Kearney Village Hall in time for the talk to begin.

Three eminent local historians each gave us a talk of life on the Bozeman Trail and some of the characters who used to frequent it. Very interesting too and I learnt a great deal, which is the whole point of these things.

After lunch we set off on the bus to visit th sites of many of the skirmishes that took place between travellers on the Bozeman Trail and the Native Americans through whose land they passed, but as I mentioned before, that fell rather flat with no time to go and visit anything.

I was so disappointed.

But then I hit the road and I’m now in the Rodeway Inn in Sheridan. Just up the road from here is the site of the Battle of Little Big Horn and that’s tomorrow’s destination.

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5 thoughts on “Sunday 4th August 2019 – TOTALLY USELESS …

  1. Waldo

    They don’t teach reversing here. I regularly turn off into a housing estate and reverse into a more minor road to turn the 30 foot work bus around. My codriver backs into the access road. I wince every time she does.

  2. Marc Detroux

    Apparently it’s something Americans find hard. Mine it was left hand reversing which is pretty easy for me. Americans absolutely cannot do left hand reversing. Mind, Americans can’t really drive anyway. That’s why they have cruise control, power braking, ABS, traction control and now self-driving cars.

    1. Epichall Post author

      I always have a crowd watching me when I reverse into a parking space. Once, someone asked my why I reverse in. I replied “Because I can. I’m a European”

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