Saturday 11th July 2009 – HELLO!

Welcome to the nth version of my blog.

The desertion of my previous blog was brought about by the closure of the service, although I left voluntarily just before the cut-off date.

It was in fact the first blogging site that I left voluntarily so I suppose that’s something to celebrate.

I’m only going to be here temporarily as once I find a reliable webhost for my websites I’ll be embedding my blog in there. That makes much more sense to me.

In the meantime, back to the plot. For those of you who have followed my adventures elsewhere, we finished putting up the scaffolding at home today. One leg went through the roof of the verandah and a lateral support went through the door. We had to knock part of the fence down though to get another lateral through.

And once we worked out how the scaffolding went and we put in the diagonals, it wasn’t half rigid. I can’t think of a purchase I’ve been more impressed with and it was certainly a good move to buy it.

Tomorrow Terry is going to smash in all of the slates and the rotten wood while I sort out the new wood, the recycled plastic roofing tiles and the insulation. At last I’ll be starting to empty the barn that I’ve been filling up for years and I can’t wait.

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4 thoughts on “Saturday 11th July 2009 – HELLO!

  1. King Queen

    I have to wonder precisely what devious things you have done to get yourself chucked off other blogs 🙂 or, knowing you, how precisely they have maligned you!



  2. Erichall

    I recall that on my Xoom account I posted how to disable a Belgian motorised water cannon armed with a cordless drill. That didn’t go down too well.

  3. info

    I regularly get chucked off photo forums for injecting reality into the fantasy world the users build up for themselves.

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