Friday 2nd March 2018 – ONE LOOK …

… out of the window at 15:30 told me everything that I needed to know about my plans to go for my afternoon walk.

Never mind the rain that we were having, there was a couple struggling towards the apartment desperately clutching each other, hoods huddled around their heads, taking two steps back for every step forward that they were taking. You didn’t need to notice the trees being bent double by the force of the wind to realise what was going on.

I closed the curtains and made a coffee instead.

It was a lot warmer this morning – above freezing in fact, although the apartment was still rather chilly. And with having a desperately late night last night I didn’t quite beat the second alarm to leave my bed.

And after breakfast I started to work.

I told you about this 3D virtual world site that sells content from suppliers. So I created myself a couple of accounts and went for a stroll through the rooms to see the clothing, furniture and buildings to see what they are up to and see what the things are like and the quality that they expect.

The quality is very basic – not like the quality that I’m used to. And I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I’ve binned stuff that is better than they have there. But then with over 10 million members and a whopping 90,000 on line at any one time, you don’t go far with your processing power if you turn out high-quality stuff.

It’s the PARETO principle – 80% of the quality takes 20% of the processing power, and the remaining 20% of the quality takes the remaining 80% of the processing power, so I do see and understand their point.

But as for what goes on in this virtual world, well, you’d blush if I told you.

We had the usual crash out this afternoon – but with only three and a half hours sleep last night that’s no surprise, and then for tea, I found a pepper that I had forgotten, so it was stuffed pepper with rice and vegetables followed by the last of Liz’s birthday dessert with a soya yoghurt.

And with the rain having gone and the wind having dropped, I managed my evening walk around the headland. Now I’m going to bed. I deserve an early night.

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