Tuesday 21st November 2017 – IT’S NOT BEEN …

… such a good day today. And after last night, I’m hardly surprised.

After I had posted yesterday’s entry, I switched the light on over the kitchen area and the bulb promptly blew out. One of the old incadescent ones that were in here when I moved in so it’s no big loss.

And although it wasn’t as early a night as I would have liked, I was asleep pretty quickly, and away on my travels. I’m not sure what I had done but I had been sentenced to death by beheading. The Queen came to see my execution so I asked her if I could have a last request. She told me not to be silly, to stop wasting time and to get on with it so I laid my head on the block hoping that it wasn’t going to be too painful.

I’ve done a little cleaning up today too. I’ve been too ill to do it this last couple of weeks but the place was in such a mess that I fetched out the vacuum cleaner and gave the place a quick once-over. And not before time either. When I can summon up more energy I’ll do some more.

Tea was mashed potatoes, vegetables and a vegan burger with onion gravy. And delicious it was too. But for some reason the steamer tripped out the main fuse and I’ve no idea why.

And for a change, I rotated my walks today. This afternoon I took my walk around the headland in the fresh air. And very pleasant it was. But it wore me out again and I was crashed out for a couple of hours when I came back. Definitely in a bad way. I felt absolutely dreadful when I awoke.

place maurice marland granville manche normandy franceThis evening I took the route around the walls in the dark. That was avery pleasant stroll too, especially in the new garden that they have created – the Place Maurice Marland.

He was someone in the French Resistance who lost his life at the hands of the Gestapo, and there’s a memorial in the gardens with the names of the other civilians of the area who similarly lost their lives.

And on the way back I encountered a new friend – an old long-haired black cat. He and I had a very long chat and social interaction.

I’ll try now to have an early night and a good sleep. I really ought to start to feel better soon because in a couple of weeks I have to go back to Belgium and I can’t go feeling like this.

Monday 20th November 2017 – I HAD A …

… better day today.

Although it wasn’t as early a night as I was hoping for, it didn’t take me long to go off to sleep. And now that my head cold is abating slightly, I slept right the way through to the alarm. And if I’d been on my travels during the night I don’t remember a thing.

Afer brzakfast; I didn’t do all that much. I’m still not full of beans. Instead I was searching for things on the internet. And I found a lot of things that, although not what I was hoping to find, were interesting all the same.

And I found the time to cut my fingernails too. They had grown like talons.

Lunch was very interesting too. For a reason that I don’t quite understand, I’ve been cutting my bread horizontally instead of vertically. Today I cut it vertically and it seemed to be much more filling than it otherwise have been.

You can see that I don’t have too much on my mind at the moment that things like this can be quite absorbing.

This afternoon I crashed out for a while and so it was rather late that I went for my afternoon perambulation. I must have been feeling better if I could summon up the energy to tear myself off outside.

Tea tonight was aubergine and kidney bean whatsit in tomato sauce. Going through the freezer the other day I discovered that I didn’t have any of that stored up. And so I bought the stuff to make one. And much to my surprise I remembered to put everything in it, peanuts and olives included.

It was quick to cook but took ages to eat (just one portion, there are four to be frozen for another day) that I didn’t go out for my walk until later than usual.

i’ll see if I can have an early night tonight now. I hope that I’ll feel even better tomorrow.

Sunday 19th November 2017 – I KNEW …

… that I would suffer for my exertions yesterday, and today was one of the worst days that I’ve had just recently.

And I had a lie-in too. 7:15 when I awoke but badger that for a game of soldiers. More like 08:30 whe I crawld out of bed. I’d been on my travels too, but don’t ask me where because it disappeared right out of my head.

Having had an early night and a good lie-in, you might have thought that I was fit for anything. But that was far from the truth. It was all that I could muster to get off the sofa and go to eat breakfast. And then I sat around all morning doing very little. I couldn’t even manage the tidying up that I had promised myself that I would do.

Lunch was a struggle and thn in the afternoon I crashed out completely. And when I awoke, I couldn’t even go out for my afternoon walk.

It was a late tea . Another excellent pizza – putting pepper on it doesn’t half improve the flavour. And I managed to crawl out for a walk afterwards. I have to force myself to make an effort.

So now it’s an early night again and I hope that I’ll feel better in the morning. At leasr my head cold seems to be quieting down.

Saturday 18th November 2017 – I WAS WELL …

… away last night.

Although it took a while for me to go off to sleep, once I’d gone I was well-and-truly gone and I remember nothing until the alarm went off.

That’s not quite true though. I’d been on my travels last night too. I started off in a businessand the local workhouse was parcelling off the orphan children into apprenticeships (I’ll have to stop reading these Old Bailey cases from the 1750s). I was allocated a young girl and I wasn’t sure of how I could best employ her to make the most of her apprenticeship.
From here I was with someone – who might even have been Nerina, and we were n an aeroplane. But the pilot, for some reason, lost control and the aeroplane crashed, right on the main road that rus from Brussels out to the Airport. Everyone survived the crash and managed to escape, but even though there was aviation fiel all over the place I had to go back into the aeroplane to rescue Strawberry Moose.

After the usual breakfast and a little relax, I went and had a good shower, a shave and a change of clothes too. And my little halogen heater works quite nicely in the bathroom too. And deciding to make the fullest opportunity of a nice clean me, I changed the bedding too and I’ll have a nice comfortable bed to sleep in tonight. And just as well too, because it’s Sunday and a lie-in.

Once I’d gathered my wits (which doesn’t take long these days) Caliburn and I went to the shops.

Regular readers of this rubbish will recall that just recently I’ve been walking up to LIDL and back, and so I decided to drive up the way that I came back on foot the other day. And much to my surprise, I was there in half the time without any queues and hold-ups at all. I’ll have to try this way again.

I didn’t spend anything special in there, but I made up for that later.

I called in at GIFI on the way out. It’s winter and with no pie huts at the football matches I’m freezing to death. And so I bought myself a thermos flask so that I could have some coffee to warm me up. And I bought a few other things too – but nothing exciting.

At the biocoop I bought some more vegan sausages and some sunflower seeds for the muesli, And next stop was NOZ. A few bits and pieces there too, including some sea salt. Not necessarily for the salt, but for the jars. They were those nice hexagonal ones that I like.

In the Auchan I didn’t spend anything special yet for some reason that I don’t understand my bill there came to almost €25:00 I’m not sure what I spent it on.

pisse dru beaujolais nouveau auchan granville manche normandy franceBut I did have a laugh as I was leaving. the Beaujolais Nouveau is now arriving in the supermarkets. The story behind the race to the market is that one year the crop was so awful that it didn’t last more than a couple of weeks so there was a rush to gt it to market and sell it before it spoiled on the shelves.

Here at Auchan my favourite beaujolais Nouveau was on offer and I consider its name to be extremely apt.

I couldn’t have called it anything better myself.

By the time I returned home it was 13:30, and by the time I’d unpacked, it was lunchtime.

After lunch I crashed out for a while – I’m clearly not doing very well these days, and then at 16:00 I hit the streets again – but on foot this time.

It took me ages to climb the hill up ast the railway station and I had to stop a couple of times to get my breath. Nevetheless, it was a mere 16:35 wwhenI arrived at the Stade Louis Dior.

stade louis dior us granville agneaux fc manche  normandy franceGranville’s 2nd XI, in blac, were taking on Agneaux FC, two places above them in Regional Lzague 2.

This was one of the most exciting matches that I have seen for quite some considerable time.

Granville took the lead after just 3 minutes. A ball upfield, the keeper shouting “leave it” and he ran out of his goal to kick it … right into the back of one of his own players

The ball bounced clear, right onto the path of an attacking Granville forward and with the keeper stranded, the attacker had the simplest of chances.

And then the match went in pells. We would have 10 minutes of Granville pressure followed by 10 minutes of Agneaux pressure, and then it would swing round again. Three good (if lucky) saves by the Granville keeper, Granville thumped the Agneaux woodwork twice, but the score didn’t increase.

We did have a minor interruption when there was a major car acident in the street outside.

The two clubs have changed position in the table after this result and that’s good news.

cite des sports us granville co sourdeval manche normandy franceAt the final whistle, a brisk walk took me round the corner and down the street to the Sports Centre, where US Granville’s 3rd XI was taling on CO Sourdeval. Granville are third bottom and Co Sourdeval are second from top, so I wasn’t expecting much.

The final result was 3-2 to Sourdeval and the only mystery about this match was how Sourdeval scored only three. Because Granville were pretty poor, clueless and totally disorganised.

Granville’s two goals were a free kick that confused everyone at the back post and a solo run from the halfway line by the centre-forward. But apart from that, they didn’t offer bery much.

I walked back here via the fritkot for a bag of chips, and then went straight to bed. I think that today has taken an awful lot out of me. At least my new flask played dividends.

Friday 17th November 2017 – I’M NOT FEELING …

… myself today.

And quite right too – disgusting behaviour.

That’s actually something of a surprise, I suppose, because last night i actually had what passes for a reasonable night’s sleep. In bed comparatively early and although it took ages to drop off, I slept right through to the alarm (and almost right through to the second alarm too).

I’d been on my travels too but don’t ask me where. As soon as I awoke it all disappeared out of my head.

During the morning I didn’t do too much except to fetch some bread out of the freezer because I had forgotten to do so yesterday evening. It needed defrosting in the microwave for lunch and it came out really well.

This afternoon was pretty bad. I crashed out completely a couple of times. Firstly for 20 minutes and then for a considerable time. But I did manage to force myself out of the apartment to go for a walk later on. I wasn’t feeling at all like it – in fact, I was feeling like death warmed up. I would quite happily have lain down and not got up again.

This evening I had some of the potato and chick pea curry that I had made a while ago. I wanted to see how it had come out and how it would taste after being frozen and then defrosted. And it tasted quite good. The water separated out of the mixtue though so I added some gravy granules and that restored it. I’ll have to buy a tube of tomato paste to use wiht the tomato dishes.

I’ve been out for a walk tonight although I didn’t feel like it, and I’ll soon be going to bed. I hope that I can shift this heavy head cold soon.

But as regular readers of this rubbish will recall, once I catch a head cold it stays for the winter. And in my state of health I can’t afford that.

Thursday 16th November 2017 – RED SKY AT NIGHT …

RED SKY granville manche normandy france…Shepherd’s delight
Redsky in the morning, Avranches is on fire.

We were treated to a most glorious sunrise this morning – one of the nicest that I’ve seen for quite a while. And so I snapped a photograph of it through the window. It was rather too cold to open it.

It’s the kind of thing that can cheer me up. We’ve said before about how Ancient Man worshipped the sun and it’s seeing things like this that helps you to understand why.

And I needed cheering up too because I’d had another bad, congested night. It took hours to go off to sleep and I was awake quite early on.

But I’d been on my travels too. Back to the back garden of Vine Tree Avenue where I was ill and the place was all overgrown. And who should come along to help me (in reality to do it for me) but Guus and Lieneke.
And later I was with Nerina and I was itching to show her the waterfall that I had discovered out in the wilderness. She agreed to come, and this meant descending into the bowels of an emigrant ship past all of the desperate people in there, and then going down through the holds and bilges. I could see that Nerina was unhappy about it and I was doing my best to encourage her and urge her on. I knew that it would be well worth the effort once she got to see it, but it was hard to motivate her.

After breakfast I loitered around for a while to give my tablets an opportunity to work and then I hit the streets.

combattant granville manche normandy franceFrom my vantage point by the drawbridge I can look down on the harbour and see what is going on.

And we can see what Combattant is doing down there right enough. There’s a lighter now moored up alongside and that has a digger on board. I’d heard about a project to dredge the harbour and it looks as if they are making a start.

As an aside, I did once hear a story about dredging in the Port of London where a dredger pulled up a car that had been in there for 30 years – and still had the occupants in it.

grima granville manche normandy franceGrima was still down there too. She had unloaded her cargo of scrap – it was one of these mini-Ford-Transits –
and was busy loading up a pile of stuff to take back to Jersey.

But what caught my eye was the pontoon tied up to the side of the boat. It made me wonder what was going on down there and so I resolved to go down for a look on my way back.

At the moment, I was off to LIDL.

It was a struggle for me to get up the hill. I clearly wasn’t feeling much like it at all, being ill as I am. But eventually I made it up there and picked up a loaf of bread and some pastry. I fancy having a go at another pie

combattant ar-mor granville manche normandy franceI had a slow walk back down to the harbour for a look at Combattant.

The lighter by her side is called Ar-Mor. That’s an old Celtic word for Brittany and means “Land of the Sea” or “Land by the Sea”. Until comparatively modern times Brittany was known as Armorica.

There was a crewman working on the Combattant and we had quite a chat. He confirmed that she was here to dredge and would be here a few days. That explains,
by the way, her erratic port movements.

pontoon grima granville manche normandy franceDown the dockside to the Grima and I soon found the reason for the pontoon. We have a frogman in the water having a good look at the underneath of the ship.

Talking to the skipper, it seems that there’s something blocking one of the water outlets – and while we were chatting, the frogman pulled a huge pile of seaweed out.

And here’s an interesting thing – to put a diver in the water in the port of St Helier costs a minimum of £1,000. Here in Granville, it’s simply an hourly charge. And that’s the reason why he was having it done here

We had quite an exciting chat too – putting the world to rights, and as he was doing that, a lady went aboard. Subsequent enquiries revealed that he has a licence to carry 12 passengers, and that there are some cheap hotels on the Quayside at St Helier. Now doesn’t that conjure up all kinds of interesting ideas for a weekend away?

But the most interesting part of our discussion was when I mentioned that I had a Ford Transit van. He occasionally needs the odd pallet of stuff collecting and no way of doing that, and so he eagerly wrote down my phone number.

After lunch, I crashed out for an hour or so and then did some tidying up on the shelves again to make even more space.

Tea was delicious tonight. I wasn’t in the mood to cook so it was a tin of ratatouille with pasta. And doesn’t the ratatouille taste better with a teaspoon of garlic powder and half a teaspoon of chili powder?

I’ve been for a walk tonight and now I’m hoping for an early night and a better sleep.

Wednesday 15th November 2017 – IT WAS BUSY …

grma PORT DE COMMERCE granville manche normandy france… down in the harbour today.

I was out for a walk around the cliffs today and there in the distance I noticed the arrival of our old friend the Grima. And so I quickly scuttled on round to the other side of the promontory to watch her come into port.

There wasn’t anything piled up on her dock so I hadn’t been expecting her to arrive today.

grima PORT DE COMMERCE granville manche normandy franceI’d never actually seen her come into harbour … "yes you have" – ed … and so I was keen to see her come sailing … "dieseling" – ed … into port.

She was carrying the usual load of scrap, including a white van something like a VW Caddy. And so I’ll have to go down to the port tomorrow to see what she’s fetched over from Jersey.

And, more to the point, what she’s actually going to be taking back because I’m sure that she wouldn’t find a one-way trip all that profitable. She’s need a return load.

combattant PORT DE COMMERCE granville manche normandy franceAnd my luck was certainly in this afternoon.

You probably noticed in the previous photograph that there was another ship on the horizon looking as if it was about to come into port.

And you wouldn’t be wrong in that assumption because chugging into port behind Grima came Combattant. And she’s vertainly new to us here in Granville. I’ve not seen her here before.

combattant PORT DE COMMERCE granville manche normandy franceShe seems to spend all of her working life out along the north-east coast of the Cotentin peninsula working her way around places like Cherbourg and Dieppe, and has come here from Le Havre.

I thought that she might have been another gravel boat, but she is actually much smaller than they are – at just 55 metres.

But nevertheless, watching her negotiate the chicane into the port was quite interesting and quite a feat of seamanship.

combattant PORT DE COMMERCE granville manche normandy franceAs we admire her passing through the harbour gates, I couldn’t see what she was carrying. Or what she was taking away either because she didn’t tie up at the gravel dock but at one of the fishing quays

But whatever it was she’s come here to fetch, it won’t be much because she’s only rated at 668 tonnes and you won’t go far with that.

And much to my surprise, she’s quite an elderly ship – dating from 1977. And she looks it too

I’d had another bad night, despite going to bed early. Head cold again prevented me from going to sleep and it woke me up at about 05:15 too, so all in all it was a disappointment. No wonder I’ve spent most pf the day crashed out on the sofa feeling ill.

But I’ve done some more tidying up on the shelves in the kitchen and it’s looking quite good on there now. Plenty of space for everything now.

And then we had our afternoon walk.

Tea was oven chips, burger (one of those we made the other day) in a bap with peas and carrots. And delicious it was too. And then I went out for my evening walk.

Jersey was even clearer tonight than it was last night and we had something of a light show. With the clouds higher in the sky over there (it was cloudless here) the glow in the sky was beautiful.

So now I’m going to try for another early night. And I hope thzt I can have a better night’s sleep. I’m definitely not feeling up to anything right now.

Thursday 14th November 2017 – THAT WAS A DELICIOUS …

… tea, that was. Mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, vegan sausages and cauliflower cheese. The vegan cheese doesn’t melt very well so it could have been better, but not with the material that I have to hand.

The bad news is that I finished off the apple crumble tonight. With ice cream yet again, because I’d used the saucepan to make the cheese sauce. All in all, a meal fit for a king.

But what was even better was that the meteorological conditions tonight were absolutely perfect. Not only could I see the street lights or similar out on the Isle of Jersey, but all of the lights on the island were reflected in the clouds so that there was a pale glow in the sky right over where the island is, and it was magnificnt.

You can tell that I’m feeling a little better today.

Strangely enough, I had a bad night’s sleep. My head cold has started up again which is no surprise after being soaked to the skin on Sunday, so it took ages to go to sleep. And I was awake early too.

However, I’d been on my travels too during the night. Back into one of the offices where i worked and everyone from the manager down to the most junior office assistant, was harassing me, and enjoying it too. Not that this was any surprise – it was the story of my life and never bothered me in the past – but it was just by way of a remark.

I managed to beat the second alarm call and so we had a nice early breakfast. And a little more tidying up and sorting out the freezer, labelling all of the stuff that I’ve cooked in the past.

And I also had a little snooze too – but nothing like as deep as yesterday’s efforts.

After lunch I was away with the fairies again for a short while and then I had a stroke of luck.

You may remember from a few days ago that I was sorting out a huge pile of photos going back years. But I’d … errr … misplaced the keywords for the sorting. And browsing around here and there, I managed to come across something that dated back to about 2006 and while it didn’t contain all of the information that I needed, i gave me enough to get going with while I make further enquries.

Another thing that I did was to find on my Social Networking site a group of people who are interested in old lorries. I’ve joined it and I’ll be posting the odd photo here and there and asking for help in identifying them.

replacing water mains haute ville granville manche normandy franceAt about 16:00 I went out for a walk around the walls. And a little deviation to see how they were getting on with replacing the water pipes.

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago I went to this meeting where they were discussing this programme to replace all of the lead piping in the Old Town, and they had started on Monday, so I was keen to see how they were doing.

And they seem to be making good progress too, which makes a nice change.

Now I’m fed and watered, been out for another walk in the moonlight, and now I’m ready for an early night.

I hope that I’ll be feeling a little better tomorrow too.

Monday 13th November 2017 – I’VE HAD …

… the worst day that I’ve had for quite some consderable time.

Crawling out of bed at the usual time was the usual performance and after letting my medication work, I had breakfast. And I was fine up to that point.

It was about half an hour later that I crashed out for the first time and that was how it went on for all of the day. Crashing out, sleeping, and whenever I was awake, trying to do things.

I’ve put the washing away and tidied up the shelves in the kitchen to make even more space, abd all of that is quite an achievement considering how bad I’ve been feeling.

jersey channel islands granville manche normandy franceSome time after lunch I reckoned that I would do my best to go outside for a walk, and maybe that might change things around a little.

And I’m glad that I did because it was quite beautiful outside today, and the air was so clear that one could see for miles. Jersey was about the clearest that I’ve ever seen it and so I went back in for the camera.

It’s hard to believe that it’s over 30 miles away from where I’m standing.

And Brigitte was loitering around outside too – lying in wait for me, I reckon.

lighthouse point d'agon wind farm carteret granville manche normandy franceFurther out around the coast I could see as far as the lighthouse at the Pointe d’Agon where I went with Liz and her family. That’s the brownish edifice to the right.

Far out to the left are some rocks that are, I suppose, outlying rocks of the Channel Islands. There’s a lighthouse out there too, and that’s the white building right on the left-hand edge.

There’s a big wind farm out near Barneville-Carteret and you can see that away in the distance behind the lighthouse of the Pointe d’Agon if you look hard enough.

brehal granville manche normandy franceI took a few photos around the coast too.

I’m not sure where that might be over there with the big church. It could well be Brehal, I suppose, although I don’t really know for sure. But it’s certainly an impressive building all the same.

I suppose that I shall have to go for a drive out around there one day to see if I can discover where it is. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

wind farm cerences granville manche normandy franceThere’s also a wind farm that you can see from where Liz and Terry live, and scanning the horizon, I managed to see a wind farm that might be the one.

There’s one thing about my new camera and its telephoto lens – that it can pick up views like these abouve, which in some circumstances, like the wind farm near Barneville-Carteret are almost 40 miles away from where I’m standing.

Anyway, I continued with my little walk around the walls and came back home.

I crashed out a couple more times, but summoned up the courage to make a pepper and green bean curry. With plenty left over for freezing.

And I’m going to have an early night. I hope that I feel better tomorrow because I really have been feeling like death today.

12th November 2017 – I’M DRENCHED.

I was going to say that I’m all wet, and no-one would disagree whatever with that comment.

It’s Sunday today and so I had a good lie-in. I’d been on my travels too. With Nerina in fact, roaming around the streets to the south side of Hungerford Road in Crewe looking for a supermarket calle Macksie’s where we were going for lunch. I had a vague idea where it was – somewhere off to the north of Hungerford Road but I couldn’t think of where it might be and no-one else whom we asked knew either. We ended up in a Court listening to a couple of cases and Nerina was showing her boredom. I could understand that because what we had heard to date wasn’t exactly setting our lives on fire, but there was one case coming up that would be intensely interesting and I was really looking forward to it.

It was about 08:30 when I came to life (such as it is) but more like 09:20 when I crawled out of my stinking pit. A late breakfast which meant that there wasn’t much of the morning left.

Just for a change, I tidied up the shelves a little in the kitchen and made much more space. There’s actually some empty spaces there now and I reckon that I can do even better than that too.

Never mind lunch – at 13:00 I hit the streets. US Granvillaise are playing Vierzon, one division below, in the French FA Cup, kick-off 14:00. Despite the howling gale-force wind I walked up there – and lost half of my biscuits to the gale.

The two teams were quite evenly matched, but the wind made a mockery of the match. Granville scored an early goal, but Vierzon had two corners, two gusts of wind, and consequently two goals scored direct that eluded the entire defence.

Early in the second half Granville had a corner which the defence could only scramble out from under the bar and which was knocked into the net by a lurking Granville forward. And 5 minutes later, a Granville attacker took advantage of a gust of wind to curl a shot in around the keeper.

After that the wind dropped and we had a torrential downpour that soaked all 816 of us in the crowd. We were drenched. And the match petered out into a 3-2 win for Granville.

But Vierzon were panicking and losing their cool, with the result that quite a few of their players found their way into the referee’s notebook. And With a lopsided notebook like that, it’s no surprise that a couple of Granville players found their way in too – and for some quite inocuous offences too.

After the match I dripped my way back home in time to see the second half of the TNS v Queen of the South match on the laptop.

Pizza for tea of course, and the pepper makes it taste even better. That was followed by Apple crumble and ice cream too.

And now it’s an early night again. Back to work tomorrow, if I haven’t caught flu again, that is.

Saturday 11th November 2017 – I’VE BEEN …

… socialising this evening.

And that’s not like me, is it?

Last night’s sleep was one of the best that I’ve had just recently. And I was away with the fairies too – out in the East End of London with the children who had accompanied me on a voyage the other night. Reading all of these historical criminal cases from the Old Bailey is clearly getting to me.

I beat the second alarm and after breakfast did a little tidying up and putting away the washing which is now perfectly dry. Putting it in front of the radiator seems to work. And then I had some things to do – like sort out a music playlist for this evening.

After lunch I crashed out for a good hour and a half and then had to go for a shower and a shave and a good clean-up. And then I hit the town.

It’s Brigitte’s birthday today and she was having a party on a boat in the harbour for all of her friends, and I had been invited. Braving the rain, I walked down there to the harbour.

We were 27 people on this boat, and they all tucked into a couple of huge seafood platters followed by cheese and birthday cake. Of course, there wasn’t very much for me but then again I wasn’t expecting it.

It’s not my scene at all, being there with all of these people for four hours or so, but I have to get out and socialise and to meet the other people from this building. I was even given a lift back, which was very handy given the rainstorm that we were having.

And I’m having yet another early night. And Sunday is a day of rest – a lie-in. And I’m intending to make the most of it.

Friday 10th November 2017 – I’VE BURNT …

… myself today.

Sitting on the sofa with a full mug of boiling hot coffee and I fell asleep. As a result I dropped the top two inches down my front and it didn’t half hurt.

Last night I’d had yet another good sleep and I managed to get up at the appropriate time too. It was warm in here too – 15°C on the thermometer so I turned off the heating. I don’t need it on in this kind of weather.

After breakfast I had a shower, a shave and a change of clothes so that I look pretty, and then set about paying for my web hosting – the renewal of which is today. And that took, intermittently, the whole day.

And that reminds me. MY web hosting isn’t cheap, but it’s good value when you consider all of the information that’s contained on it. And if you want to help me defray my expenses so I can keep up the good work, you can use the links on the side bar to access Amazon to make your next purchase. Your purchase will cost you the same price, but I receive a small commission.

Once I’d organised the web host (or, at least, I hoped that I had) I braved the rainstorm and went out to the shops. Mind you, I needn’t have bothered because they are in fact opened tomorrow.

LIDL and LeClerc were where I went and I didn’t buy anything out of the ordinary. I’m on an economy drive as you know. But I did find some bread buns at €0.28 each so I bought two and stuck them in the freezer.

As you know, I have some vegan burgers that we made the other day and I’ll try to sort out a proper burger arrangement with mustard, salad and cheese. It’s been years since I’ve done that.

I also called at the Chemists to pick up something for my cold, flu and sore throat. But here’s a problem. Some of the medication that I am obliged to take reacts with the products that has been recommended. In the end, the very helpful girl behind the counter sorted out some natural products for me. And that’s good news. I’ll go there again.

Back here was when I had my little accident with the coffee, and after lunch I was well away yet again. Obviously my first day out was a little too much.

Tea was an absolutely excellent stuffed pepper cooked in the oven, followed by apple crumble and vegan ice cream, seeing as I’d used the saucepanfor the tomato sauce.

And later on, I went out for a walk seeing as it’s now cleared up outside.

Another early night now and then I’ll be fit for the weekend.

Thursday 9th November 2017 – I DIDN’T …

… go out for a walk today.

For the simple reason that every time that I looked out of the window, it was raining. With my state of health I’m not setting foot outside in that.

And here’s another thing that I didn’t do either – and that is to get out of the bed with the alarm.

Last night was a reasonably-early night and although i took me a while to go to sleep, eventually I dropped off into one of the deepest sleeps that I have had for a while. And it was so comfortable and it had been so long since I have had such a sleep that I ignored the alarm completely.

I’d been on my travels too. Around Delamere Street in Crewe at the back of the Crosville CLub where there was a marquee on the corner – a Starbucks or something selling branded coffee. Only a small place and there weren’t too many people queueing but there seemed to be some delay in serving. Looking around, I could see that the marquee was full anyway and there was nowhere to sit. Working on the laptop would be impossible and as there was another place across town in Victoria Street where I could sit more comfortably, I decided to go there. By this time it was next morning and I was in bed in a kind of large room on the first floor abve the coffee shop. There were dozens of beds in here scattered all over the room and my bed was in the centre of the room. I had slept half-clothed and as I completed my dressing there were other people in various beds watching me,

It was 08:10 when I left my stinking pit, so it was a late breakfast. And apart from lunch, I’ve not done very much at all. Just sorted out thousands of photos going back over 10 years and more – a task that I had started in 2013 and hadn’t done very much since.

Rosemary was on the phone for 90 minutes this evening And one of the many things that Rosemary mentioned was that this morning she awoke to find that they had the first snow of the winter back in the Auvergne.

Our lengthy chat meant I had a late tea. Oven chips, beans and sausages again. And just as delicious they were too.

And now I’m going to have another early night. It’s a Bank Holiday on Saturday so need to go shopping tomorrow. I hope that the weather will have improved.

Wednesday 8th November 2017 – I’M FEELING …

… a little better today.

I managed to have a reasonable night’s sleep too. I was in bed something like early and went off on a voyage. I’d been doing some research into criminal cases at the Old Bailey in the 18th Century for the last couple of days, and so last night I was on my travels being involved in some kind of welfare arrangement with children who had ended up before the judges (there are plenty of examples of children aged 15 being hanged in the 18th Century) and this even involved 18th-Century frozen food.

The alarm went off at 06:00 as usual but by that time I was already half out of bed. And after breakfast and a good relax, I even did some housework. I tidied up the frezer a little, rinsed out the new washing machine and did a load of washing (it works quite well, this machine).

It was a beautiful day outside and I was tempted to go out for a walk for the first time this week but instead I crashed out after lunch. Maybe the idea of going for a walk is a step too far. But my head cold seems to have eased off a little and transformed itself into a cough – and haven’t we been here before?

Tea was oven chips, vegan sausages and baked beans, followed by apple crumble and custard.

And now I’m preparing for an early night again. I’m definitly going to try to go out tomorrow if the weather is nice. High time I stretched my legs.

Tuesday 7th November 2017 – I’M NOT …

… feeling much better today either.

Despite going to bed early I couldn’t get off to sleep. It was 00:30 and I was still awake. I was still awake at 04:30 too, although I must have been asleep at one point. And I was still awake at 06:00 when the alarm went off.

No possibility of me getting out of bed though. I went back to sleep and it was getting on for 08:00 when I finally crawled out.

During the night I’d been on my travels too. To Oostende where I started off taking a female friend. We went to see a huge cruise ship that had arrived, and although it wasn’t easy to see. There was a tower block in the distance and I was explaining that behind it in the past would have been the huge pile of coal that fuelled the steamships that called here.
From there on, I was with a female partner – it might even have been Nerina – and I was skinning a cat in the same way that you would peel a mushroom. But halfway through the proceedings the cat appeared to recover consciousness. I couldn’t continue and had to pass the cat over to my partner to complete.a

I managed breakfast and then spent the rest of the morning vegetating on the sofa. I did manage to crawl off at one point. I have some Vick vapour rub somewhere – I know that I have because I remember buying it in Leuven – and I wish that I could find it.

Lunch was a struggle. I wasn’t hungry but I do have to eat. It took me quite a while to swallow my sandwich. And then I crashed out again for a few hours on the sofa.

I made tea tonight. I had lentils on the boil for quite a while. In the meantime I made the usual onion, garlic and spice base. In went the mushrooms, the lentils, a tin of mixed veg and some soya cream. I didn’t eat much because I wasn’t hungry. And there’s enough left over for another four meals, all of which went into the freezer.

So now I’m sitting with my feet up. I’ll be in bed very soon if I can clear my nose. A good sleep will do me good, I reckon,